What are some old secrets of video games

Smartphone and computer games

Games for iOS and Android

These games are played solo or online with other players on the smartphone.
Audio games are played by ear only. Most of the time nothing happens on the screen. Since you have to orient yourself in a purely acoustic environment, you should always wear earphones or headphones. Audio games are played solo and do not require an internet connection.
Massively Multyplayer Online Games (MMO) always need an internet connection because you can interact with other gamers.

Alt-Frequencies (Audiogame)

A tricky game with cool voices and clever operating mechanics. People are forced to live in a time warp. You have to zap between radio stations, pay attention to certain information and record it. If you place the recordings on other broadcasters, you can shake up humanity.
The game has its own gestures, but can be played with VoiceOver activated.

Alt-Frequencies in the App Store or Alt-Frequencies in the Google Play Store

Frequency Missing (audio game)

An exciting mystery game about a missing reporter. As a new colleague in a radio station, you move through the transmitter, examine rooms, talk to colleagues and solve puzzles to uncover the secret.
The impressive audio design puts you behind the scenes of a radio station. The game is in English, but the dialogues are kept simple. It is played with the game's own gestures in landscape format.

Frequency Missing in the App Store
Frequency Missing in the Google Play Store

Sound Of Magic (audio game)

A humorous fantasy adventure for young and old. You have to draw magic runes on the touchscreen, decipher knocking signs and snatch secrets from bizarre creatures.
With the game's own gestures you move the figure and use objects. It is not a question of quick reactions and directional hearing, but of resourcefulness and patience.
There is no need to turn off VoiceOver or TalkBack.

Sound Of Magic in the App Store or Sound of Magic in the Google Play Store

Blowback (audio game)

A captivating science fiction adventure in which you have to steer an investigative journalist through a number of dangers with in-game gestures in order to uncover a nasty economic conspiracy.
Developed by the radio play department of Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Blowback comes up with well-known radio play speakers, blatant sounds and a gripping story.
You need quick reactions and a sharp ear to cope with the 3D world of sound.
Blowback does not use its own gestures, but is controlled with conventional buttons. It is easier to find the buttons to move around when the screen reader is on, but the double thumb gesture can only be performed when the screen reader is off.

Blowback for iOS and Android plus additional links at Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Feer - Running Blind (audio game)

Zombies left and right, bony hands from below, corvids from above - and while you are escaping all these dangers, you should still save good feet. A high-speed chase that requires quick reactions and a good sense of direction.
The game has its own gestures and is played in landscape format. There is no need to turn off VoiceOver or TalkBack while in-game.

Feer website with links to the app for iOS and Android

A Blind Legend (audio game)

A truly legendary action adventure with binaural sound architecture. It's in English, but dare to do it. It is worth it ..
The blind knight Edward Blake is looking for his kidnapped wife and is supported by his sighted daughter Louise.
With the game's own gestures you control the knight and use sword and shield. In the 3D sound world, you orient yourself according to noises in order to ward off arrows with the shield, to find a cave entrance in a snowstorm or to follow the daughter who is running ahead.
There is no need to turn off VoiceOver or TalkBack.

A Blind Legend in the App Store or A Blind Legend in the Google Play Store

Lords & Knights (MMO)

Lords & Knights is a building strategy game. As a medieval lord of the castle, you have to build a castle. This includes mining raw materials, upgrading buildings, recruiting soldiers, spying on other players' castles, attacking them or trading with their owners.
The sister game Celtic Tribes works on the same principle, only that you have to build a Celtic village instead of a castle.
The games for iOS are largely barrier-free and can be played with VoiceOver. The Android versions cannot be played with TalkBack.

You can find these and other games on the manufacturer's website, Xyrality in the App Store or Xyrality in the Google Play Store.

Shredder Chess (chess)

Shredder is a chess app that can be played without barriers on iOS.
VoiceOver outputs the fields with their respective notation (A1 - H8) on the touchscreen. If there is a figure on it, it will be announced as well. You can navigate through the game board field by field by swiping left or right or you can explore the board with one finger.
To move a piece, you first double-tap on the starting square and then on the target square. Then the opponent's move is announced. You can also have the last moves repeated as often as you like in the display bar at the bottom of the screen.
The app also has the advantage that it adapts to the skill level of your opponent and that you don't get discouraged as a beginner.
For the beginning, the free lite version is completely sufficient, which reaches a maximum playing strength of 1500 ELO.

Shredder Chess Lite on the App Store
There is no lite version for Android. Accessibility is also not guaranteed. Shredder Chess for a fee in the Google Play Store

Subwords (knowledge and skill)

Subwords is a mixture of a quiz and a word search game. Words that have been broken down into their syllables need to be reassembled.
Each level has a different topic, from general knowledge such as vegetables or instruments to chemical elements or Greek mythology. So you have to be knowledgeable about a topic to know what to look for.
If you don't know what to do next, you can get a tip and learn a new word at the same time.