What does a helicopter carrier need

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AW: Heli runs in normal mode despite throttle to 0

Quote by viper2097
A 500 is not a toy, you should already know a little what you are doing.
When a "phenomenon" occurs as you have experienced it, the first thing you should always look at is the servo monitor.
Or before I plug the helicopter on for the first time, I always check whether the throttle is slightly below the normal minimum value during autorotation and whether there really is no longer any possibility of letting this increase.

But you don't need to have a manual or have built 1,000,000 helicopters.

And you don't need to overreact like that, you asked yourself why this function seems useless to you, I just told you that this is very much needed with a combustion engine and that you would have seen the cause in the servo monitor immediately.
I don't know the instructions for the DX6i, but I would be surprised if it wasn't written there. If not directly, then indirectly for internal combustion helicopters or something. But well, with spectrum I wouldn't be astonished anymore .

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Hi Viper

First, I apologize for my indeed inappropriate response. You simply shouldn't post any forum posts when things aren't going smoothly in business. ;-)

I am already aware that I am not dealing with a toy. However, since I am still at the beginning of my dubious helicopter career, I still have many gaps in my knowledge that I try to close by asking questions if I can't read it anywhere.

When I connected the motor to the controller for the first time, it was not connected to the main gear, but attached a good centimeter away.

I have now definitely learned that the servo monitor is an important screen.

But I would also be very interested in why the whole thing makes sense for a combustion helicopter !? (btw: is there enough 6-channel FS at all !?)