What is meant by krsna consciousness

Creation of the Krishna Movement

The Krishna movement can be traced back to the Indian Gaudiya Vaishnava scholar (= also a god) Bhaktivedanta Swami, who traveled to North America at the age of 69 to teach and preach the Bhakti (religion). There he succeeded in building a worldwide society for Krishna consciousness based on the USA within 12 years. Nowadays this is called "ISKCON" (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). There are thousands of "ISKON supporters" who are active in the spirit of the movement. They are popularly referred to as "Hare Krishnas". At the center of this movement is the worship and worship of the god Krishna. The "Hare Krishna’s" believe that this is how they reach the highest perfection of life.


The "Hare Krishna’s" are spread all over the world. In many countries (including EU states) there are hundreds of people who belong to "ISKON". It is also very widespread on the Internet; there are many forums in which one can discuss and advertise.

Teachings of the "ISKON"

Followers of "ISKON" teach the following excerpt, for example:

Traditional Gaudiya Vaishnava religiosity knows a supreme god - Krishna. It is a purely monotheistic (= only one God) religion, and strives for the return of the individual soul to the eternal blissful communion with Krishna beyond the painful cycle of rebirths.

This is a difficult text to understand. If one omits the technical terms, then one can read out that the people who belong to this religion believe that they can enter into "the eternally blissful communion with Krishna" after death. Whether one can believe this is now a question of the room. (Question: your opinions, what do you think of them ?; can you believe something like that?)

Goals of the "ISKON":

"ISKON" wants "the unity of mankind" and "world peace" to propagate it on the Internet. This sounds very social, but if you study this topic for a long time and dig a little deeper into the Internet forums, you will quickly come across the real goals of the Krishna movement:
They want to build the Hare Krishna temples in every city and make Krishna consciousness the strongest religion in the world "[...] to ultimately save the world," as they themselves describe it. There is also talk of the global caste system. You are classified in a caste by character and behavior.

Whether these goals are the goals of a religion is to be doubted, I myself think that there is more to the "Hare Krishna movement" than just the worship of a deity.


The "ISKON" has spread in the most individual way; for example there are magazines ("Back to Godhead"), forums on the Internet (-> www.krsna.de), even temples and information centers.

Way of life

Supporters of "ISKON" should avoid drugs, coffee, alcohol and tobacco. Gambling and sexual activity are forbidden only.

Comments on the presentation Hare Krishna: