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Swiss start-up launches furniture subscription: the furniture is now available for rent

    The Swiss start-up Koj is furnishing apartments at a subscription price. The furniture from partners such as Möbel Pfister is selected and placed by interior designers.

    Moving is exhausting: buying or dismantling furniture, transporting it and reassembling it - activities that can be done without. A new Swiss start-up now wants to make this possible. With a furniture subscription, in which not only the table, cupboard and sofa are supplied, but the interior design is also planned and implemented by an interior designer.

    “The customer should be able to unlock the door to the new apartment and find a perfectly furnished apartment,” says Carlo Badini (29), co-founder of the start-up Koj. He is no stranger to the start-up scene: right after high school in 2013, he launched his first start-up with Cleverclip. To this day, the award-winning company produces animated videos for companies.

    There are hardly any furnished apartments

    At Cleverclip, Badini is still a member of the board of directors, but he has given up operational management. “It was time for something new,” Badini said to Blick. In addition, a move was just around the corner: the Bernese and his wife were looking for an apartment in Zurich. Ideally already furnished, it is less stressful.

    However, furnished rental apartments have a niche existence in Switzerland. They usually cost twice as much as an empty apartment and are geared towards business travelers. “That's how I came up with the idea for Koj,” says Badini.

    Only 2 percent of the furniture is recycled

    He wanted to offer customers a contemporary alternative to cheap plywood furniture, which has to be replaced after a few years. According to the environmental protection organization “Pusch”, around 1000 tonnes of furniture ends up being disposed of in Switzerland - every day. "Only about 1 to 2 percent of it is recycled," says Badini. «Most of it is burned. That can't be the future, ”he adds.

    “We also wanted to make interior design affordable for everyone,” says the 29-year-old. «We», that's him and tech entrepreneur Anand Chowdhary (22). Chowdhary actually lives in the Netherlands, but is currently stuck with his family in New Delhi (India) due to Corona. Not an obstacle for a tech startup like Koj.

    Furniture is used several times

    The new furniture subscription should make it possible to use high-quality furniture without it ending up in the flames of bulky goods after a few years. When the furniture is no longer needed, Koj takes it back, restores it and puts it back in another location. "A used sofa, for example, is chemically cleaned and reupholstered - so it comes as new in the new apartment," explains Badini.

    The customer can choose between one and six years for the term of the furniture subscription. Depending on the duration, the subscription is cheaper or more expensive. A furniture subscription with a term of six years costs between 120 and 220 francs per month for a 1-room apartment and between 320 and 590 francs for a 5-room apartment.

    Is a furniture subscription worth it?

    The furniture subscription is worthwhile for those who rent the furniture for three to four years. "If you want the furniture for longer, you can buy it at its residual value," says Badini.

    The subscription can also be canceled early. If it is canceled before the end of the term, the customer will be charged the price difference. Insurance is included in the subscription.

    With Pfister and Livique, the start-up was able to win two large furniture stores as partners. For the time being, the furniture subscription is only available in Switzerland. If the start is successful, Badini wants to expand throughout Europe in the next few years.

    Source: www.blick.ch