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Waste bin

Registration for waste disposal

  • Registration is required if a piece of land is rubbish again for the first time (e.g. when moving in) or after it has not been used for a longer period (e.g. after renovation).
  • When registering a new property, please submit proof of ownership or enclose a copy (extract from the land register or purchase contract).
  • Please indicate the container size required for your needs for residual waste (household waste) and biowaste.
  • If there are no empirical values ​​available about the required container size or number (e.g. for new buildings), the guideline value of 25 liters of residual waste per inhabitant and week can be used as a basis for calculating the correct container volume.
  • Please let us know if you compost all organic waste on the property on which it was generated. Then you are free to use a biowaste bin. Otherwise there is a connection obligation for the biowaste bin as well as for the residual waste container.

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Litter bin for residual waste and biowaste
Approved container sizes for regular collection:

Residual waste: 60 l, 80 l, 120 l, 240 l, 770 l, 1100 l
Biowaste: 60 l, 120 l, 240 l

Dimensional drawings of the 120 l, 240 l and 1100 l waste bins can be found here [PDF].

Select the container size that is sufficient for the amount of waste that arises in the respective disposal cycle.
If the proper disposal of the waste is not ensured as a result, the city can determine the number and size of the containers as well as the other services at its dutiful discretion.

In the case of residential properties with only one or two residents, the use of a 40 l residual waste container can be revocably permitted upon written application by the party obliged to connect.

If the amount of waste changes permanently, the property owner can request a change in the volume of the waste container.
The annual change in the size of the container is part of the residual waste disposal fee, depending on the type of container. In addition, the containers are provided for a fee.

Property owners and other fee-paying parties must notify the city in writing of the extent and any change in the connection obligation within one month. In the event of a change, both the previous and the new property owner or person liable for fees are obliged to report.
The change of ownership must be proven by an extract from the land register or a purchase contract.

Your contact for questions
  • to the waste management statute and the waste fee statute
  • to the fee notification
  • for dimensioning the property
  • on the disposal day
  • for the application regarding the container volume
The Application forms can be called up and printed out here.

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