Which company has mined the most gold?

These are the 10 largest gold mining companies in the world

Between 2002 and 2012 the gold price “exploded”. It went from around $ 270 to nearly $ 1,800. And while global gold production has not increased in a similar fashion over the same period, more of this precious metal is currently being produced than ever before.

In the top 10 largest gold producers in 2014, Canadian, Australian, Russian, South African and US Americans have the lead.

10. Eldorado Gold Corporation (20.5 tons)

Eldorado Gold Corporation is a Canadian mining company with headquarters in Vancouver. Mainly gold is mined here.

9. Yamana Gold Inc. (32.4 tons)

Yamana Gold Inc. is also a Canadian company, although it is based in Toronto. In addition to gold, it also mines copper and silver.

8. Polyus Gold (46.7 tons)

Polyus Gold International, a subsidiary of MMC Norilsk Nickel, is the largest producer of gold in Russia. The company is headquartered in Moscow.

7. Gold Fields (57.3 tons)

The forerunner of the South African company was founded in 1887. Its production sites are located in Peru, Australia and South Africa, among others.

6. Newcrest Mining (59.8 tons)

Newcrest Mining is a gold mining company headquartered in Melbourne. Newcrest owns eight mines located in Australia and the Pacific Rim.

5. Kinross Gold (74.6 tons)

Kinross Gold is an international company specializing in precious metals mining. With Russia, South America, Africa and the USA Kinross production facilities are located on almost every continent.

3. Anglo Gold Ashanti (116.4 tons)

Anglo Gold Ashanti is the largest gold producer in South Africa and is headquartered in Johannesburg. The mining company only mines gold.

2. Newmont Mining (142.7 tons)

With its production facilities in Asia, Africa, Australia and North and South America, Newmont Mining is also internationally positioned. The US mining company is based in Denver, Colorado.

1. Barrick Gold (203.1 tons)

Barrick Gold is the industry leader that also operates worldwide. In addition to gold, silver, copper and zinc are also mined. The listed company from Canada is headquartered in Toronto.

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