Why did Microsoft discontinue Groove Music

Cooperation with Spotify: Microsoft discontinues Groove Music Pass

Microsoft discontinues its own music streaming service
Logos: Microsoft / Spotify, photo / montage: teltarif.de More and more providers are now sharing the music flat rate market. With Simfy and Rdio, the first streaming service providers have already ceased operations. Microsoft will join these at the end of the year, as the American group announced. The Groove Music Pass, which apart from its own infrastructure is also available on apps for Android and iOS, will only be offered until December 31st.

At the beginning of 2018, not only the music streaming service will be discontinued. Microsoft no longer offers the option of buying or downloading music. Microsoft draws the consequence from the until today very small market share that its own music service has achieved in the streaming area compared to industry giants such as Spotify or Deezer or iTunes and Amazon for purchases and downloads.

Microsoft wants to continue to offer the player app at least for Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile without its own content. This means that users can continue to play their own content - as was the case with the music player belonging to the operating system before the Groove Music Pass was started. Further updates are also planned, although it is not known what new features may be planned.

Playlists can be ported to Spotify

Microsoft discontinues its own music streaming service
Logos: Microsoft / Spotify, photo / montage: teltarif.de Microsoft has entered into a partnership with Spotify for music streaming. According to Microsoft, users of the streaming service will have the option of exporting their curated playlists and music collections to Spotify from this week. In any case, interested parties should do this this year before the Groove Music Pass is switched off, so that there is no longer any access to the content there.

Microsoft itself describes its cooperation partner Spotify as "the world's largest service for music streaming". In fact, the Swedish company is the market leader in this area, followed by Apple Music and Deezer. The single subscription has a monthly price of 9.99 euros. In addition, mobile customers of Deutsche Telekom and, from the end of October, Vodafone too, have the option of using streaming without burdening the data volume.

In a guide we will introduce you to the features of the most important music streaming services.