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Why are we humans the way we are? Milestones in human evolution

Haven't you ever lain on a beautiful meadow, looked up at the sky and seen faces in the clouds? Or have you stood in front of a large tree with a thick bark and recognized eyes, entire faces or other shapes in it too? In addition, you are definitely one of those people who feel good in nature and who simply think blooming trees or meadows with lots of colorful flowers are just wonderful!

In the event "Why are we humans the way we are?" we found out why this is so. We learned something about our ancestors who once lived in Africa and that certain qualities that these people had are still hidden within us today. For example, several thousand years ago, humans were hunters and gatherers and always had to be careful of enemies. That is why they were particularly attentive and looked very carefully everywhere to see if they could see faces in order to be able to defend themselves quickly!

In addition, we dealt with the exciting questions of why we humans are actually so smart, why we can recognize feelings on other people's faces, why we get stomach aches when we are in an uncomfortable situation and many more things about which we are have never really thought about it ... or have we?

Beate Jackels
Team Children's University