Can women be topless in public?

Public nudity : 1, 2, 3 - upper body please not free!

He wore jeans and trainers and nothing from the belt up. No hair on the chest, no tattoo, tanned, the nipples small and hard - it was just squirming in the subway shaft. So he got in and drove who knows where. Half-naked, the young man. A day later I saw the next one, at the pedestrian crossing, then another one, on the bike. His T-shirt, rolled up, pulled casually through a belt loop, hung down his leg.

In terms of calendar, you learn at school that summer begins on June 21st. But, as you learn in Berlin, it's really only there when the boys take off their shirts. The time has come.

I think you can be naked if you want to protest against the wearing of fur or, like the women's group “Femen”, for women's rights. This nakedness in pedestrian zones and in front of government buildings makes sense to me, it is good for provocation. The breast matters less than the message. Topless brings attention. But this guy on the subway, sitting next to me like on the edge of a bed, in shorts and flip-flops, who reads. He doesn't look if someone is looking, he just sweats in silence and smells like Paul or Thomas or whatever his name might be, what I might want to know if he were sitting in my kitchen. But he doesn't! This nudity is too much for me, too close, I don't want that!

What about the men and the summer that makes them forget? Themselves and their unkempt toenails, the pale legs in the shorts and the plauze that they shamelessly present to anyone who does not want to see them. For a long time I thought it was up to me, growing up in a family of long-suspenders. Grandfather, father, both brothers, my friend stopped wearing shorts when they entered puberty. Granted, they wear sandals (without socks!) And flip-flops, but also always a shirt. Maybe that's why it's burned into me: Bare men's legs and, above all, bellies belong in the swimming pool or by the sea, not on the street.

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