Which is the fastest growing programming language in 2019

Programming languages: Python overtakes Java on Github

November 11, 2019 - Developers love Python, according to Microsoft's Github. At the same time, Github also presents the platform's largest open source projects.
The popular programming language Python has overtaken Java on the Github repository and has become the second most popular language on Microsoft's own open source code sharing site.

Python now surpasses Java in terms of the number of repository contributors, making Python the second most widely used programming language after Javascript, which has been at the top since 2014, according to Github's State of the Octoverse report for 2019.

Another interesting aspect of Github's report is the ranking of the fastest growing languages. Google's Dart and Flutter, which are mainly used to create user interfaces for iOS and Android applications, were very well received by the developers on Github.

Darts was the fastest growing language between 2018 and 2019, with a growth of 532 percent. This was followed by the Rust language developed by Mozilla, which grew by a remarkable 235 percent.

The largest open source projects on Github now have over 10,000 contributors. By far the largest of them all is Microsoft Visual Studio Code, which has become a very popular development environment for Google. Other projects with more than 10,000 contributors include documentation from Microsoft Azure, Flutter and First Contributions. (swe)

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