How dangerous are silverfish bugs

Silverfish - When the insects become dangerous

Almost everyone knows them and has been disgusted with them in the bathroom or in the kitchen - silverfish. The small insects do not pose a health hazard to humans, but Lepisma saccharina can be dangerous for your household effects.

Primordial animals with an amazing ability

Silverfish are among the oldest living things and are actually remarkable animals. They have the rare ability to digest and use cellulose. As a rule, only certain types of fungus and bacteria are able to do this. Silverfish can therefore feed on cellulosic materials such as paper or cotton.

Foraging in the bathroom and kitchen

If you have silverfish in your apartment or house, it is certainly not wrong to check your laundry basket. Every now and then the cellulose recyclers get lost on an item of clothing in the lower levels of the laundry basket.

In the worst case, your favorite T-shirt can have yellow traces of eating and contain small amounts of feces. Books can also fall victim to the silverfish - the paper of a damp book is a treat for the animals. And the creeps can also be dangerous for wallpaper. In the kitchen, insects are primarily interested in foods that contain starch or sugar.

Preferred climate

However, there are usually only problems if your rooms are too humid and too warm. The silverfish feel at home in these conditions and can reproduce en masse. The animals are nocturnal, love the dark and avoid light, so that you often don't see them at all.

Silverfish as beneficial insects

Silverfish can actually be useful too. Since they prefer about the same conditions as mold, their occurrence is a mold warning. The mushrooms also serve them as food. Silverfish also eat house dust mites, which are dangerous to humans and can cause allergies.

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