Have you been bullied

Translation of "bullied" in French

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I used to get pretty rough bullied.
You have had me for years bullied, Adam.
I was in sixth grade bullied.
J'ai été brimé en sixième.
The most bullied I guess my dad has me.
C'est probablement mon père qui m'a le plus brimé.
I would bullied and teased.
J'ai été brimé et la cible de moqueries.
During his childhood he became bullied.
Since elementary school I will bullied.
You're supposed to prove that Hannah doesn't bullied has been.
You have been all your life bullied.
On t'en a fait baver toute ta vie.
Bailey wrote about every single boy and how they got him bullied to have.
You mean someone has it bullied.
I am an orphan and I was at school bullied.
I heard them bullied has been.
I would bullied and the others put me down
On se moquait de moi, on m 'asticotaite et les gens me rabaissaient.
Yes, a lot of boys get into school bullied.
Oui, des tas de garçons sont brutalized à l'école.
Nobody will like bullied, Vicky.
I don't want you bullied feel.
Je ne veux pas que vous vous sentiez times à l'aise ou quoi.
Point out if you've ever seen someone bullied have.
Levez la main si vous avez déjà intimidé quelqu'un.
I didn't speak much English, was up for it bullied.
Someone got me in high school too bullied.
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