What does loneliness remember that happiness forgets?

Loneliness - inner emptiness

Loneliness taught me that being with others is something pretty nice. And being with others taught me that loneliness is something pretty beautiful.
G√ľnter Radtke

Not all people can find something positive about loneliness. Most people find loneliness and loneliness very painful and stressful. So Sandra, a client of mine. She experiences her loneliness and loneliness as follows:

I'm so lonely. My loneliness is eating away at me from the inside. It's like sitting all alone in a dark room. I long for love and security so much. Nobody has hugged me for years.I do not know how to continue. I have had colleagues for 6 years since I've been working, but I've never really gotten to know any of them. I hardly talk to anyone unless someone speaks to me.

Somehow I've always been shy, I'm totally insecure and fearful when dealing with other people. When I see couples I cry. This is hell. Everyone has someone except me. What's wrong with me that I'm so unlovable?With emotional music like Xavier Naidoo's, I get into a crisis. I sit in my apartment in the evening and ponder myself. I have no more strength at all. What sense does life still make?

Many people, including younger people, feel lonely, unloved, left alone and cut off from life. Loneliness and isolation are just as painful for them as physical illness.

Many people mistake loneliness for being alone. They believe that being single and not having a partner makes you feel lonely. However, this is not the case. To be alone does not necessarily mean to be lonely!

Feelings of loneliness can occur even when we are

  • are married
  • have a job
  • to be liked by others,
  • are young
  • Have children,
  • are in company.

Being alone does not necessarily lead to a feeling of loneliness!

Many people are afraid of loneliness or isolation, while on the other hand there are people who consciously seek solitude and seclusion by going to a monastery for a few weeks. Loneliness can make you (physically) sick if we feel at its mercy. But it can also strengthen the personality if we consciously seek it out, e.g. to meditate.

Why are there so many lonely people? With the help of modern means of communication you can make contact faster and easier than ever before. We can send a message within a few seconds by email or SMS, be reachable with the mobile phone at any time and reach others. We can exchange ideas with others on social networks at any time of the day or night.