How effective is enalapril for high blood pressure

New fixed combination effectively lowers blood pressure

The combination has been available as Zanipress and Zaneril since yesterday. It is approved for patients with essential hypertension for whom the individual active ingredients alone do not lead to success. Dr. Antonio Silva from Milan reports at an event organized by Merckle Recordati and Meda Pharma in Mannheim.

Studies prove the effectiveness. A study enrolled 327 hypertensive patients who still had mild to moderate hypertension after four weeks of treatment with 20 mg enalapril daily. They received the ACE inhibitor or an additional 10 mg of lercanidipine for a further twelve weeks. With the combination, the systolic pressure decreased significantly more by 9.8 mmHg versus 6.7 mmHg.

And more patients achieved normal values ​​with the combination: 33 percent systolic below 140 mmHg, every second diastolic below 90 mmHg. With monotherapy, this was achieved by 28 and 37 percent. The effect increased in the nine-month extension of the study: 40 percent of those treated in combination achieved their goal systolic and 60 percent diastolic.

Old people and diabetics also benefit from the combination. Monotherapies, for example, lowered the blood pressure below 140/90 mmHg in only one in five people over the age of 65, but the combination lowered it in 45 percent. In 174 diabetics with hypertension, for whom 20 mg enalapril was not enough, 10 mg lercanidipine was also more effective than 12.5 mg hydrochlorothiazide: HCTZ lowered the pressure in 23 percent to below 130 to 85 mmHg, lercanidipine in 30 percent. The difference was significant.