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Metric (German)

Part of speech: noun, (Female)

Me | t | rik, Plural: Me | t | ri | ken
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈMeːtʀɪk]
Word meaning / definition:
1) in general: measuring system, method for measuring quantifiable units, quantities
a) mathematics a function that assigns a nonnegative real value to every two elements of a space
b) Software development a mostly mathematical function that maps a property of the software in a numerical value; short for software metrics
2) Literary Studies, Linguistics: Verslehre
3) music Doctrine of tact
4) Plant that represents the metric
Origin of the term:
in the 16th century from Latin metrica borrowed, which goes back to the synonymous Greek μετϱικὴ (metriké (téchnē) "(art, doctrine) of syllable measure".
1a) Distance function
2) Verslehre
General terms:
1) function
2) thematic:Linguistics, grammar; semiotics
Subordinate terms:
1a) pseudometrics
1b) code metrics, according to ISTQB: error-based metric, complexity metric, test progress metric, test object-based metric
Application examples:
2) The Metric examines the different possibilities of verse construction in terms of alliteration, meter, rhyme, rhythm, caesura.
2) “For a clearer identification of the Metric According to this text, this sample is much too small, but it is enough to explain the process on it. "
Typical word combinations:
Word formations:
Adjective: metric-based, metric
Nouns: Metric mask, metrics
Nominative: singular Metric; Plural Metrics
Genitive: singular Metric; Plural Metrics
Dative: singular Metric; Plural Metrics
Accusative: singular Metric; Plural Metrics


  • English: 1) metric
  • Swedish: metric
  • Turkish: 1) metric, oil

Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

New metric for advertisers Click Share: New Metric at Google Ads With new measurements, Google wants to give advertisers insights into the success of their Google Ads campaigns.
Internet World, February 13, 2019

A new Metric for the Bitcoin dominance, braking central bankers and unclouded bullism of the Byrne brand.
BTC-ECHO, April 01, 2019

With a new one Metric SAP tries to take the wind out of the sails of the dispute over the indirect use of its software. Customers will have to deal with this at the latest at the next license measurement.
Computer Week, February 25, 2019

Since the VOD (Video On Demand) providers keep access numbers under lock and key like state secrets, the company from Auckland in New Zealand has one Metric called Demand Expressions.
Meedia, March 25, 2019

That is the Metric the "Monthly Active User" (MAU) that companies like to spend.
Mein-MMO.de, May 11, 2019

Aviation accounts for 3.5 percent of man-made global warming, scientists have said with new information Metric calculated.
heise online, September 4th, 2020

The Bitcoin miners are said to be on the verge of surrender. At least that's what someone says Metric called hash ribbon.
BTC-Echo, November 15, 2019

The Metric Engaged-View Conversions (EVC) is to be introduced as a standard at Google. This means that conversions of viewers who actively decide against the skip, but who may decide to click later, are better tracked.
OnlineMarketing.de, September 14, 2020

Regardless of whether you focus on liquidity, daily transaction volume or another Metric look, the result is always the same: BTC dominates the market.
Bitcoin2Go, June 02, 2020

Reading time for the article: 2 minutes Compact: The new one Metric should make the stock market data even more reliable. This also measures the web traffic of the stock exchanges, which is generally considered to be easy to manipulate.
Bitcoin Kurier, May 30, 2020

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figure: ... somersault, jump, dance figure 10) Accent, arpeggio, figuration, timbre, coloratura, run, melisma, metric, mordent, passage, plumper, stick, tone sequence, trill, range 11) ...

quantity: ... accent and quantity) in the area of ​​prosodic characteristics. ”3) Especially in ancient metrics, quantity plays a major role. Typical word combinations: ...

pes: ... foot, paw, paw 3) step, gait 4) Roman length measure: foot 5) in mountains: foot 6) metric: foot, verse foot, verse 7) music: measure, meter Opposite words: 1) manus ...

circle:… 1a) Circular line 1b) Circular area, circular disc 2) Compass Opposite words: 1) other metric: square, other dimension: interval, sphere, hyper-sphere Superordinate terms:…

length: Literature, ancient metrics: long syllable of a word in verse 8) Linguistics: size of linguistic units Abbreviation: 1) (symbol, physical) l 2) λ, long

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