Can I lose weight with rice

How good is rice for weight loss?

Who does not know it? The search for a suitable diet is tempting, and the variety of possible offers is huge. There is the ever-recommended broccoli-onion diet, the traditional FDH (“Eat-Half-Eat”) method and a dozen recommendations from renowned fitness gurus to eat “paleo”, “low-carb” or “raw vegetables” if possible . Everyday experience often shows that a good diet has to be one thing above all else: simple.

Rice - the most popular grain in the world. But is it also suitable for a diet?

Whilst the West used wheat as a staple food for a long time, rice is the number one staple food throughout Asia. In India, for example, around 2 kg of rice are consumed per person per week. But is it also suitable for us as part of a health-conscious diet?

Rice - power grain with positive side effects

First of all, rice is one thing above all else: a grain and thus, just like wheat, bread, potatoes, muesli, etc., a supplier of carbohydrates. In the case of rice, these are included in the rice starch. Many diet-conscious people are quick to shy away from carbohydrates: they consist of sugars that 'set in' quickly and drive up the calorie level. The good news: Compared to other carbohydrate suppliers, rice contains a third less energy when properly prepared and is still sufficiently filling. In addition, rice has to be chewed longer, which means that the feeling of fullness occurs faster and less food has to be consumed.

Rice is rich in valuable minerals and proteins

Rice also has a lot of positive side effects: apart from many, it contains valuable ones Proteins and Minerals also potassium, which drains the body and thus also supports weight loss. At the same time he is low fat and nutrient-rich: The carbohydrates contained are so-called complex carbohydrates, which increase the blood sugar level step by step and over a longer period of time. The desired consequence: You get full gently and, above all, for a long time. And because the rice starch can be digested almost completely by the body, rice is never heavy in the stomach, even after a long lunch.

Rice - the perfect partner for a diet

If you want to lose weight with rice, it is best to use basmati or jasmine rice, which have the least amount of fat and are wonderfully combinable at the same time. This is probably one of the greatest advantages of the small grain: It can be combined with every imaginable ingredient in your own favorite kitchen, making losing weight a delicacy: Whether low-fat sushi with fresh vegetables and salmon, Thai curries with turkey meat and fragrant jasmine rice or rice pudding with fresh ones Fruits and cinnamon: With rice, disciplined diet cuisine becomes a daily taste pleasure - and success will come! Promised!

The right amount counts!

Counting calories back and forth - as a diet-conscious person you will never be able to do without an approximate measurement. If the rice is consumed as a side dish, approx. 60 to 80g uncooked rice will be charged. Planned as the main meal, around 120g uncooked rice per person is taken into account. It should be noted that the calorie information for rice always relates to uncooked rice: 100g uncooked rice (e.g. organic Basmati) has about 350kcal. While the weight of the rice doubles or triples during cooking, the amount of calories remains constant. 100 g of cooked rice contain only about 120 kcal. Tip: At the end of the day, the secret of any healthy and calorie-conscious diet is actually: variety, lightness and enjoyment when eating. Combined with plenty of fresh vegetables, lean meat and fish and also gently prepared, rice is the perfect - and quickly prepared - Companion for every diet!

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