Can I get my complexion back?

Radiant complexion: 6 tips for beautiful skin

Away with pale skin - bring on a rosy complexion! We'll show you the best tricks on how to make your complexion glow.

First a walk in the cool air, then relax in the warm room - which is a real benefit for your health, means pure stress for the unprotected skin areas on the face and hands: the low temperatures reduce their self-protection, so that the moisture then becomes faster evaporates. The result: rough, reddened or itchy skin. However, if you strengthen your skin barrier, can keep its glowing complexion. For this, the daily cleaning should be mild. Because showering too hot, soap and facial tonic containing alcohol damage the skin. So keep the shower as short as possible, around three to five minutes, and enjoy at a maximum of 35 degrees. Shower oil also creates a protective film on the skin. Pure water is enough to wash your face. In addition, pH-neutral soaps are the best protection against dry hands.


Radiant complexion: these tips make it possible

A stressful everyday life, sitting in the office for hours and then eating the wrong diet: The result of “normal madness” is often a pale complexion. But you are not helplessly at the mercy of this: Praxisvita picture gallery "Radiant complexion: 6 tips for beautiful skin" click through and make the skin glow.

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