What screams I'm a recruiter

A recruiter applied for me without my consent. How do I deal with this situation?

Today I received an email from a recruiter about an open position at another company. 6 minutes later, and before I even read the other email, I received another email from the company that the recruiter mentioned and asked me to complete my profile on the website after "my" application.

Obviously, the recruiter submitted an application for me, without my consent and even without my knowledge. I checked the position on the company's website and it looks like a job I wouldn't apply for myself:

  • the way would take too long;
  • The job description mentions something I'm not at all familiar with like providing support and visiting the client (I'm bad at social behavior), willingness to travel to other locations (I don't have a driver's license) and planning and Analysis (as explained in previous questions, something I struggle with).
  • The corporate sector (telemarketing / call center) is something I'm not particularly keen on.

I currently have 2 problems:

  1. What should I do with the position the recruiter applied for? Should I inform the company that the application was not consensual?
  2. What should I do with the recruiter? Should I part with them or give them the benefit of the doubt?


What was your relationship like with the recruiter before this incident?

Not me

What do you mean by "connections to Recruiter separate "? Do you have a committed relationship with them? Because that can change things.


@mhoran_psprep I have no real relationship with them. You called me once or twice about another possible opportunity. No time was fruitful. By ties I mean "remove myself from your database and don't contact me again".


I strongly recommend cutting ties. If they weren't concerned about your approval or how good you were, it shows a severe lack of respect.


Did the recruiter have a copy of your resume?

Nik Silver

Neither of these is your problem. You can ignore both the recruiter (who obviously doesn't care too much about individuals) or the company (which apparently just got your details in an automated system and your application will never be processed so it is very unlikely that you will the attention of a real person who will remember you).

But depending on your crusade appetite, you can take some time to correct a few mistakes.

  1. You can tell the company that the recruiter submitted your information without your consent, which is unethical. If they care, they should probably stop using this recruiter. Somebody at the company could do something about it. If you do this politely, there will be no negative consequences for you.

  2. You can tell the recruiter that they have acted unethically. Personally, I doubt this will have much of an impact, but perhaps one day a steady drop of such ailment may get through her armor. And it could make you feel better about standing up to inappropriate behavior. It is still important to be polite - in this case, to make sure your stance is incontestable.


It could become your problem ... I've been interviewed several times only to be asked why I sent multiple recruiters to the company on my resume. In all of these cases, I had no knowledge of all but one of the recruiters, didn't even know the others existed. Usually it's just one, but in one case they had received my resume from 6 recruiters without my accepting the invitation and the actual interview a few days later.

Wesley Long

You can tell the recruiter that they have acted unethically. - In my experience, this is the equivalent of telling an ocean that it is wet.


Simply reply that you have no current relationship with this recruiter. Explaining why they suggested you anyway is their problem.

Vietnhi Phuvan

Stop working with the recruiter immediately. If you do not sign the online application, the application process will be canceled. Delete your profile from the company website and delete all information about you from the company website while on the company website.

The worst thing that happens is the recruiter screams like a banshee. That's fine with you as long as his screams fall on your deaf ears :) At some point, the recruiter will get it and tease someone else, unless the recruiter is completely clueless.


Dealing with recruiters is very cumbersome! 99% of them only care about money they make from you. You mention the recruiter who applied without consulting you. That is highly unprofessional. Every company I've ever applied to through a recruiter has only been with my consent. This is very important. You should disconnect from this recruiter and inform the company that the application has started without your consent / notification so that the company is also aware of such activities by this recruiter.