What is the joint admission test

Joint preparation for the aptitude test

Joint preparation for the aptitude test
Hello my dears,

I'm in the middle of the preparations for the aptitude test at the State Institute for Subject Teachers in Bayreuth.

Now I thought to myself that the most fun is learning together. I would agree to post some of the tasks here from a book I have at home.

Now my question:

Would you be interested in us studying together for the recruitment test?

I thought that I would write tasks from my book here that we could all solve together.

So everyone writes their answers in here and I always look in here and then dissolve.

If someone didn't understand something or didn't solve something correctly, we could all think about it together and then explain it to each other.

We are all well prepared and it is the most fun together.

What do you think of my proposal?

A lot. We can then set tasks among each other in order to deepen the various contents and then resolve them.

I would be very happy if there were some here who are interested in learning together.

lg Yvonne
alpertina  📅 12.11.2009 08:52:49
Re: Joint preparation for the aptitude test
Hello angel,

yes, I would like to prepare for the aptitude test together. I only recently made up my mind for this training path and time is running out. Since I graduated from secondary school in 1991, you can imagine how difficult it is for me to prepare.

I would be happy if the contact works.

Re: Joint preparation for the aptitude test
Hello Alpertina,
can exchange ideas. Just write me your email or ICQ address.

But really learning together in just 12 more days is bad, I think.

tanja311  📅 17.11.2009 10:02:32
Re: Joint preparation for the aptitude test
Hello Yvonne!
I will also be on the 25.11. be in bayreuth.
know, I'm pretty late with the preparations. i got 3 books from a friend who is already a subject teacher. however, they are specifically geared towards technology. do you have a recruitment test training book ?
i would love to take part in your training. it would be very great if you would contact me.
LG Tanja
Re: Joint preparation for the aptitude test
Hello you 2,

did you pass the aptitude test?

lg little angel23
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