What are some of Kristena Loken's films

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She became famous in 2003 with her role as "T-X" in "Terminator 3". In total, she played over 20 leading roles in action films and video game adaptations and in over 20 TV formats. The 40-year-old head of a production company shot her last film "Body of Deceit" in 2017.

When the sixth part of the classic film "Terminator" was released in German cinemas on October 24th of this year, memories of the successful predecessors and their actors were awakened. In the third part of 2003, the young actress Kristanna Loken had the action as "TX" -Star Arnold Schwarzenegger challenged and thus laid the cornerstone of her career. Only a few days after the German "Terminator 6" start, Loken was again in Germany, the home of her grandparents: At the beginning of November she was one of the star guests at the "Weekend of Hell", the German cult meeting point for fans of fantastic films. Looking back at her cinematic work there had an effect on Loken and the visitors. “I'm so touched by the work I've done over the years. And that's why actors do their job: We also want to touch people's lives, "said the female Terminator at the film event in Düsseldorf. Loken had already been able to grant autograph requests to her fans at the German Comic Con in Berlin in 2018.

In retrospect, Loken describes her role in "Terminator 3", for which she was selected from 10,000 applicants, as "the opportunity of my life." Despite all the work, an immense amount of training and 15 pounds of muscle gain, the whole thing was worth it. “It was a wonderful chapter in my life and it opened many doors for me.” Overall, her life as an actress was an unbelievable up and downhill journey with many ups and downs: “Sometimes I was frustrated and thought about giving up Thinking for a second, it was always clear to me that I didn't want to do anything else. "

She was also in a relationship with women

Kristanna Loken wanted to be an actress even as a child. After her first small model successes, she got her first acting role in 1994 as Dani Andropoulos in the long-standing successful TV series "As The World Turns". This was followed by appearances in television formats such as "Unhappily Ever After" (eight episodes 1996/97), "Mortal Kombat: Conquest "(22 episodes, 1998/99)," DC " (seven episodes, 2000) or "Painkiller Jane" (22 episodes, 2007). Her role in the first lesbian series "The L-World" ("When women love", 2007/08) attracted particular attention. She later confessed Loken open to bisexuality. "I've had sex with men and women and I have to say that the connection with some women was sexually and emotionally more fulfilling than with certain men." When she enters into a relationship, it comes down to the aura and energy between the partners. "And if the person I connect with happens to be a woman, then that's the way it is," she fights against the still existing prejudices. Her marriage to colleague Noah Danby lasted only 18 months in 2008 before she was over him But she also returned to men again and again when choosing a partner, such as when she began a liaison with the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, in 2015. Loken has had a relationship with management director Jonathan Bates since May 2016 her son Thor. "I spend the best of my days with him," she confessed in a TV interview in 2017. Kristanna Loken was also successful away from the cameras. In 2013 she founded the company Loken-Mann-Productions together with the film producer Farhad Mann, which also released some of her last films such as "Fighting For Freedom" (2013). Trio Entertainment followed in 2017, of which she has been president and boss ever since. Loken has set itself ambitious goals with this company: Trio wants to become the market leader in independent film studios both as a distributor and as a full-service producer of ambitious projects in the field of film, theater, TV and home entertainment Received a number of awards: In 2004 she received the Short Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for "Worn Like A Tatoo" and the Future Film Award in the same category in 2008 for "Lime Salted Love". For her role in "Terminator 3" she was a total of three times nominated for the MTV Movie Award and the Saturn Award.

Does volunteer work

Loken trains her figure regularly in the gym. She also practices Bikram Yoga and is the wearer of the black belt of the Israeli martial art Krav Makra. Thanks to these skills, she was able to help herself last year when she locked herself out at home. With the edge of her hand, she smashed the window pane, which is still evident today from a scar on her hand. Other leisure activities are less dangerous, such as her love of equestrianism and her dog Buster. In addition, Loken also finds time for volunteer work. She supports the children's charity My Live, which is active in South Africa, and the world-famous non-commercial St. Jude's Children Research Hospital in Memphis.