Can flooded cars be repaired?

The partially comprehensive car insurance covers damage to parked cars that are damaged by floods. The fully comprehensive pays if you drive into a flooded street, for example.

What if the parked car was flooded?

Flood damage to the stationary vehicle is covered by partial comprehensive insurance. You only count the excess. This is usually 150 euros. If the car is only slightly damaged, the insurance will pay for the repair. Often times, however, the car is totally destroyed after the flood. In this case, the partial coverage reimburses the current value of the car. At a New value compensation the new price of the car is paid out.

Car not driven away despite flood warning - does insurance pay?

In this case, the partial coverage will normally reduce your benefits. If you park your car in a flood hazard area, you should keep an eye on flood warnings. If you do not drive your car away in time, this is considered grossly negligent behavior.

Who pays if I drive into a flood?

The fully comprehensive insurance is responsible for this. However, she can claim that you acted grossly negligent when it must have been obvious that the street was flooded. Then it only pays a small part of the damage.

First aid: what to do if the car is under water?

Never start the engine or move the vehicle. Otherwise there is a risk of serious engine damage. If the water has receded, you should have the car checked by a specialist. Water damage that can occur to the car:

  • Water up to the middle of the bumpers: If the interior hasn't gotten wet, the chances are good that your car can be repaired quickly.
  • Water over the door threshold: The damage is more serious. The workshop will have to replace some auto parts.
  • Water up to the lower edge of the pane: Usually the car is totaled. The water damaged the engine, transmission and electronics.

Would you have known

  • Floods in Germany are possible at any time of the year.
  • Flood warning services warn of floods - even via app.

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