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Initiaive holistic life e.V.

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The purpose of the association is to support people in their holistic way of life, in terms of health, well-being and their independence. This includes an active health strategy, measures to stay healthy and productive and thus to lead a satisfied life largely free of chronic diseases. Here, the principle applies: the tolerant promotion of each individual, characterized by self-determination, personal responsibility, solidarity and justice in a holistic environment. Holistic also relates to topics such as environmental protection, sustainability and the promotion of alternative energies. Another goal is to create a fundamental awareness of the value of all life. To rediscover this, to preserve it and the respect, the responsibility for the natural creation, this includes the right of the animals.

Initiaive holistic life e.V.

Mrs. Brigitte Müssig

Landstrasse 13
01920 Schönteichen

Telephone: 03578 787409

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  • Family, children, youth, education
  • Care, welfare and self-help
  • Environment, nature, preservation of monuments