How can you access your hard drive?

Windows Access denied to hard drive - what to do?


You know the error message "C: \ cannot be accessed. Access denied"? Then you are denied access to your hard drive. In Windows 10, this could be for many reasons, but luckily there are several solutions to fix the problem. In our instructions we explain exactly how to proceed.

Why is access denied?

  • Are you no administrator and if the file or folder is assigned to another user, you will be denied access to it. You can only solve this problem as an administrator.
  • Do you want one System file access, you will also receive the error message here. These files are locked for security reasons and require administrator rights so that the files cannot easily be changed and result in a system failure.
  • Is the File damaged, access is also denied.
  • If you are using an external hard drive and have removed it improperly, this could affect the Hard drive damaged to have.
  • In some cases a Error on the hard drive lead to refusal.

Get permissions for access

If you are an administrator, you can enforce access permissions. Follow our step-by-step instructions or read our brief instructions.

Check hard drive for errors

If the denial of access to the hard disk is caused by an error, you can eliminate it.

Quick guide: get access permissions

  1. Make one Right click on the folder or file and select "properties" out.
  2. Then switch to "security"and select there"Extended".
  3. Click on "Add".
  4. Now go to "Add a principal"give the Username and confirm with "OK".
  5. Open the "properties"and switch to"security".
  6. Click on "To edit" under "Group or user names".
  7. Finally activate the option "Full control"and confirm with"OK".