What does a facelift really do


There are different surgical and non-surgical face lift methods that can be used alone or in combination. A detailed preliminary talk with a specialist is absolutely necessary to clarify what exactly the request is: just a mini-lift in the cheek, forehead or temple area or a complete multi-layered facelift.

In addition to the surgical face lift, there are also various minimally invasive options for wrinkle treatment. However, you have limits and, once the skin structure has sagged, you can no longer achieve any profound and permanent changes.

In addition to the surgical facelift, there are also a number of face lift methods that do not require a scalpel. What they have in common is that they have a less long-lasting and less pronounced effect.

Thread lifting

The Facelift with threads is intended to improve facial contours and firm up skin structures. The thread lift alleviates the signs of aging on the lower jaw, neck, eyebrows, cheeks or cheekbones.

In the minimally invasive method, threads are inserted with a special needle that lift and reposition the sunken tissue. The result is a lifting effect and a subtle increase in volume and firming of the skin structure. The threads dissolve again on their own in the long term. Unlike the major facelift, the thread lift is on the face outpatient and under local anesthesia performed, there are no scars.

A thread lift takes about 30 to 60 minutes. The Result lasts six months to two years. The costs start at 500 euros. The procedures are relatively few in complications, but inflammations, abscesses, nodules or bruises can occur. If there are bruises, which sometimes last for several weeks, longer work absences can also occur with a thread lift.

Laser treatment

A Facelift with laser comes into question if you do not have pronounced sagging of the skin on your face, but rather superficial wrinkles, pigment disorders and age spots. A laser treatment can also be carried out after a major facelift in order to further optimize the result. This method also leaves no visible scars, facial expressions and individual facial features are retained and the absence from work is limited to a few days.

A facelift with laser, like the other non-surgical methods, cannot tighten the face for years. The costs vary greatly depending on the frequency of the treatments, each session costs around 200 euros.

Filler treatment

The beauty industry also offers various filler processes to "fill in" wrinkles on the face and thus smooth them. This is particularly common Filler treatment with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a resorbable, naturally occurring sugar molecule that is not recognized as “foreign” by the body, as it is also contained in the connective tissue of the skin. It stores fluid and makes the skin look plump and young. From the age of 40, the body's own hyaluron production decreases rapidly.

A Wrinkle injection with hyaluronic acid is an externally supplied filling material that rarely causes allergic reactions. However, hyaluronic acid dissolves after about four to 18 months again, then it has to be re-injected. The cost of a treatment with hyaluronic acid starts at 400 euros at.

Wrinkle injection with autologous fat

An elaborate facelift alternative to the hyaluronic acid method, which also works without surgery, is the Wrinkle injection with autologous fat. The advantage: Since the substance is endogenous, there is virtually no allergy potential. The padding with autologous fat is supposed to stimulate the natural collagen production, so the skin looks fresher and more vital.

However, the extraction of fat by suction - mostly fat cells are removed from classic "problem areas" such as thighs, hips or lower abdomen - carries risks.

After the procedure, redness, swelling and bruises can occur both at the extraction point and in the area under the injection. Sensory disturbances, wound infections and the formation of scars and cysts are also possible. It is also impossible to predict how quickly the body breaks down the fat cells, which are processed in a special process.

Sometimes the autologous fat treatment is also combined with the surgical facelift in order to replenish lost volume. The costs start at 1,500 euros.

Facial lift with ultrasound

In the Facial lift with ultrasound There are a number of new methods that are used to smooth out wrinkles. Bundled ultrasound impulses briefly generate heat under the skin, which stimulates the production of collagen and strengthens the connective tissue. This should tighten the overlying skin. However, the full effect of the treatment does not appear until after three months, because the connective tissue must first be strengthened again.

The effect lasts for one to one and a half years, after which doctors can repeat the treatment. The price is 600 to 900 euros per treatment.