Date of the clat test 2019

Challenge for technical editors

Linguistic errors, inconsistent terminology, incomprehensible sentences, ambiguous instructions - these are all weak points in technical documentation that occur all too often. Such violations of the rules of good technical documentation have a detrimental effect on the understanding of the texts as well as on their translatability and the associated costs. The time involved is an additional cost factor that should not be neglected.

What is CLAT?

CLAT is a tool that supports technical writers in creating high-quality documentation. The quality is achieved through compliance with linguistic correctness and company-specific requirements.

  • Spelling and grammar check to check the linguistic correctness
  • Style and terminology control to review company-specific writing guidelines

CLAT checks documents with regard to the above-mentioned control functions, reports every violation and gives the technical writer the opportunity to revise his text and check the corrections again immediately.

In addition, error logs can be created so that a quality assurance process can be efficiently integrated into an existing workflow.

CLAT is in Congree!

CLAT was introduced into Congree in 2010 and forms the linguistic core of Congree technology.