Give astrology apps the correct prediction

1. Co-Star

Half of the Jolie editorial team already has the "Co-Star" app on their smartphones and you should quickly follow suit if you are particularly enthusiastic about horoscopes. The app is a personalized horoscope that has been precisely tailored to your time and place of birth, is based on the current star constellations and thus ensures particularly accurate predictions. The special thing about the app: Every day you will receive a small push notification that tells you how your stars are on that day.

The app is currently only available in English. Here you can download "Co-Star" for iOS for free.

2. Daily horoscopes - astrology

Whether on the subject of love, work or health: the app "Daily Horoscopes - Astrology" puts together a new forecast for all areas of life every day. In addition, you will find detailed monthly and annual horoscopes, as well as detailed descriptions of the current moon phases and how they can affect you. If you want, you can also have tarot cards laid out or draw a fortune cookie. Quasi an all-round astro package!

Here you can download the app "Daily Horoscopes - Astrology" for iOS and Android free of charge.

3. Star Walk 2 - Star Atlas

With the "Star Walk 2 - Star Atlas" app, astronomy lovers can explore the starry sky - and the app works perfectly even during the day in sunlight. The mobile phone only has to be held in the direction of the sky and your smartphone will show you which stars, comets and satellites can be seen above you.

Here you can download the app "Star Walk 2 - Star Atlas" for iOS and Android free of charge.

4. Time Nomad

The "Time Nomad" app is a must for everyone who is already familiar with astrology and likes to deal with the different phases of the sun and moon, as well as the respective effects on the different signs of the zodiac. The app sends you messages about important phenomena in astrology, explains the most important information about our planet and provides you with a detailed natal chart. Astrologers can hardly ignore this app!

You can download the "Time Nomad" app for iOS free of charge.

5. Angel's Tarot - card reading

Do you want to find out what the future has in store for you? With the smartphone app "Engels Tarot - Card Reading" you can call up the card of the day as well as quick readings on love and financial questions and thus become an orientation aid for important decisions. The influences of your past as well as the present and future are taken into account. An exciting app that is particularly suitable for spiritually inclined people.

Here you can download the app "Angel's Tarot - Card Reading" for iOS and Android.