What is sales strategy

distributionHow to develop a sales strategy

The market analysis also includes dealing with the question of who the competitors are. The focus should not only be on current competitors, but also on those companies that could develop into competitors. These can also be companies from outside the industry.

When developing their sales strategy, companies often analyze their competencies, but do not ask themselves enough about the strengths that result from this in relation to the market. This is important, however, because not every competence results in a direct benefit for the customer. Accordingly, potential customers are not really interested in the respective competence.

In addition: Strengths usually result from the combination of several competencies that a company has. For example, it is of little use to be very innovative on the one hand, but not to develop marketable products on the other. The same is the case when a company has marketable products but does not offer its customers the service they want. When determining the strengths, it is often helpful to take a look at the past:

  • Why did important customers choose us and not our competitors?
  • Why did target customers choose competitors?

The answers usually give tangible indications as to what the company's real strengths are that need to be expanded. And it becomes clear which competencies the company still needs to develop so that it can steal attractive customers from its competitors.