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Introduction 4

Interior design 6

Ecological paints for walls, doors and furniture 7

Heavily used soils in nursery 11

Ecological furniture for healthy indoor air 15

The sleeping areaatz in a healthy way 17

The most important seals of approval 19

Healthy indoor climate 26

Heating and ventilation 27

Saving electricity in nursery 30

The most important seals of approval 33

Minimizing exposure to electrosmog 34

Insect repellent 37

Plants for that nursery 39

Washing and cleaning 42

Ecological cleaning 43

Wash ecologically 47

Ecological textiles, guaranteed residue-free 49

The most important seals of approval 51

Body cleansing and care 53

The most important seals of approval 54

Tips for buying a diaper 57

Toy 59

Educationally valuable - ecologically justifiable 60

The most important seals of approval 64

ABC of Pollutants 66

Common indoor pollutants 67

Imprint 70



We all want our children to be in their own four walls

feel good. Mothers and fathers want the best for their children. Already during

pregnancy, especially with the first child, but also later, if

As the children grow up, there are a lot of questions:

What do children from babies to teenagers need?

What is good for the child anyway?

What promotes development and creativity?

How should that nursery be set up to make it fit the needs

does justice to our children?

And above all: What is healthy for the child and protects the environment and the climate?

When the next family members are announced, a lot is considered, planned and

questioned. Change is coming and exciting times are ahead. The children

become bigger, need more platz, needs change. What

do to meet all requirements?

It is not always easy to make the right choice from the wide range of offers

when setting up, redesigning or converting the nurserys to meet.

"the environmentalatung"supports you in these important decisions

with this brochure.

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What does a

ecologicals nursery" out?

TheIt's a healthy environment the basis for a healthy one

Numerous studies show that there is development. Just

Children are particularly sensitive to pollutants

and environmental pollution. At the ecologicaln nursery stand next to the

Our children's health, including environmental and resource-saving aspects

in the centre. In the brochure you will find many tips - from ecologicaln

Wall painting about buying furniture, correct ventilation and cleaning, educational

from valuable toys to children's clothing made of eco-textiles and for good

Sleeping placeatz.

You will learn how it is possible to be healthy by avoiding electrosmog

To generate indoor climate. All areas are becoming more environmentally friendly

Variants of the purchase taken into account. Find at the end of each chapter

You literatur recommendations and tips.

We hope you enjoy reading and implementing the tips in

the practice!

Silvia Dygryn

"the environmentalatung"

4 5

Photo: S. Dygryn "the environmentalatung"

Interior design

We spend around 90% of our time indoors.

Children playing crawling across the floor there

lying or romping around are pollutants from building

matmaterials, furnishings and house dust.

sets as adults.

Pollutants also put children at greater risk

because they are still growing and therefore

a higher groundatz have. Therefore take

men children in the same environment up to ten

Times more pollutants than adults.


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Photo: M. Kupka "die environmentalatung"

"Time to eat!"

Ecological paints for walls, doors and furniture

This works with a new wall painting nursery clean

and radiant. Freshly painted furniture looks like new. Ecological

Paints and varnishes ensure that the air in the room despite

Renovation doesn't get too thick.

Paints valuable in building biology

are not only beautiful but also

permeable to water vapor and

leave the wall atmen. they give

no pollutants in the room air

and do not charge electrostaticallyatish

on. Wall colors are mostly

passed in large quantities, that's why

even a small amount of pollutants falls

heavy weight!

Naturine resin dispersion

This dispersion consists of natnatural

Resins, oils, waxes, water,

Balsam turpentine oil, citrus peel oils

and pigments. She restricts

the vapor permeability of the surface

only a little and invites itself

electrostatis hardly up. Both

has a positive effect on the indoor climate

out. Natur resin emulsion paint

Hat high opacity, is easy to use

process and results in a smudge-proof

Surface. She is suitable


especially good for renovation coatings

on almost all surfaces.

However, natnatural

Solvent such as turpentine or

Citrus peel oils cause allergies

or irritating. Good ventilation

is essential after coloring


Lime paint

This inexpensive paint is made up of

slaked lime and water together.

Colorful paintings are by that

Interior design

Addatz lime-resistant pigments

possible. Lime paints are used in

several thin layers with one

Brush applied. The production

hardly causes any environmental pollution.

Lime absorbs odors,

has a disinfectant effect and reduces

the susceptibility to mold.

The paint is permeable to water vapor

and does not charge electrostaticallyatish


Caution: fresh lime paint is corrosive,

therefore, you should consider processing

Avoid skin contact and one

Wear safety glasses. After drying

lime paint is no longer corrosive.


The ingredients of this paint are

Potash water glass, chalk, color pigments

and mostly an addatz of up to five

Percent synthetic resins. The vapor permeable,

resistant paint

is also suitable for damp masonry

suitable. Silicaatdraw colors

through fungicidal and antibacterial

Properties. you are

Low-odor, wipe-resistant and for

all rooms in the house equally


Caution: as potash water glass is strongly etching,

be sure to wear gloves

and safety glasses work! SilicaatColours

grab glass, metal parts,

Clinker and tiles. Therefore before

cover well before starting work!

Casein color

Casein paint is made from chalk,

Water, borax and casein, one

natnatural milk component. Casein colors

are atactive and good

covering. They dry quickly and

are suitable for dry substrates

in dry rooms. This color

is on the contraryatz for glue paint

easy to paint over.

Photo: © Jaimie Duplass - Fotolia.com

Glue paint

Glue paint consists of chalk and water

and binding glues. you

results in a water vapor permeable,

smudge-proof, but not moisture-proof

Painting and is

well suited for the living area,

but not for wet rooms. Before the

Old glue coats have to be repainted

removed by washing


Synthetic resin dispersions

They are made of synthetic resins, water

and synthetic pigments

and contain addatz agents such as preservatives,

Emulsatoren and

Antifoam agents. Because of your

They often become water solubility

basically as low in pollutants

and labeled environmentally friendly,

but this does not have to be true. you

can, for example, be questionable

Preservatives, plasticizers,

Anti-skinning agents and drying aids

contain. In addition, restrict

Synthetic resin dispersions the diffusibility

of the walls relativ strong

a. The more layers of paint applied

become, the denser it becomes

Wall. Do not use dispersions

with anti-mold,

So fungicidal additives!



In the past, lacquer colors were often pure

Pollutant bombs, today there are already

pollutant-minimized products

to buy. Because paints relativ over a large area

should be applied

as with wall paints and floors

products that are as harmless as possible

to be selected.

Beware of "universally applicable"

Varnishes. The usually means

that the paint properties with chemical

Support on the most demanding

oneatz aligned

are. Because the technical possibilities

of the paint is usually not exhausted

will buy with it

unnecessary environmental and health pollution

with a.

For further reading:

Info sheetatt to download:

• Wall paints

www.environmentalatung.at/ download

On the web:

www.Environmental Sign.at




Interior design


• When choosing wall paints and varnishes, make sure they are reputable

Seal of approval and product tests.

• For nursery wall colors in light orange or

Yellow tones particularly well. They cause a warm, serene and

lively atmosphere. Light green tones have a balancing,

regenerating effect.

• If you use solvent-based paints indoors,

Thorough ventilation during and after work is the order of the day. Work

When painting outdoors, if possible, avoid the load

To keep solvent vapors as low as possible.

• If the substrate allows, mineral paints such as

Lime or silicaatcolors, as well as casein colors and low-emission

NatPrimary resin dispersions are particularly recommended.


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Photo: Barbara Komarek

Run, stand, sit, lie ...

Heavily used soils in nursery

Children like to be on the floor. The choice of flooring

can improve the comfort of the room and health

of the small residents, because floor coverings

cover large areas.

At the Material choice it is important

to pay attention to the absence of harmful substances and

Avoid adhesives containing harmful substances.

Electrostaticatic charges,

how they z. B. with plastic floors

due to the friction of shoe soles

arise will be considered uncomfortable



Linoleum is warm to the feet and loads

hardly any electrostaticatis up. Pure linoleum

is made from renewable

Raw materials such as wood, cork, linseed oil,

Made of jute fibers and rock flour

and has no health hazards

Ingredients on. It

is mostly with acrylic or polyurethane

coated commercially available.

Linoleum must be glued over the entire surface

be, preferably with special,

low-emission adhesives on Naturine resin base.



Cork coverings are elastic and warm to the feet

and tough. You will be dating

crushed N.aturkork and one

Binder made. In trade

there is natuntreated, waxed,

sealed and PVC coated

Cork tiles. The latter are in view

not recommended on health.

Untreated cork will

in plattenform laid and can be sanded off

and oiled, waxed or

be sealed. Also cork floors

must be glued over the entire surface.

Low emission Natur resin adhesives are

the first choice here too.

Interior design


Carpets are soft and warm to the feet.

The wear layer can be made from

natnatural fibers such as wool, sisal,

Coconut and jute are made of, or are made of

the synthetic fibers polyamide,

Polyesters and polyolefins. Sisalund

Coconut toppings are relativ hard,

but very durable and

moisture resistant. Recommendable

are products with a carpet backing

from Naturlatex and jute.

Synthetic fibers have on the contraryatz

to Natur fibers have the disadvantage,

that they are electrostatisch charging

and therefore with Antistatika treated

become. The ones used for this

Surfactants can be used in sewage treatment plants and

Waters are hard to break down.

Lots of wool rugs come with

a moth and beetle repellent

treated, serves among other things

the neurotoxin permethrin.

An agingative too wool carpets

are loose carpets that are lighter

must be cleaned and ventilated. In

nurseryn they should be best

also be washable, such as B.

Fleckerl carpets.

Wooden floors

Wooden floors give interiors a

homely atmosphere and are kick-elastic.

On the contraryatz to resin-sealed

or synthetic

Flooring load wooden floors

with natnatural surface treatment

not electrostatis up.

Wooden floors are easy to clean

and can be adjusted depending on the thickness

Sand the wear layer up to ten times.

Their durability and

make the low maintenance costs

Wood floors also to an extremely high standard

economic flooring.

If their surface is marked with natur-

Photo: M. Kupka "die environmentalatung"

treated with oils and waxes

they are foot warmer and

carry through the inclusion and

Release of moisture enormously

contribute to a healthy indoor climate.

Low-emission hard floor oils

and waxes are therefore from building biology

View the sealing varnishes


Laminatfloors are not wooden floors!

They consist of pressed

Layers of paper covered with the resin

Soaked in melamine. The

“Wood grain” is printed on it.

These floors are very electrostatically chargedatish

on. Tests were carried out at

formaldehyde emissions that are harmful to some products


Plastic floors

These floors are easy to lay,

easy to care for, stable and mostly relativ

inexpensive. However, are

they don't atactive and charging

yourself if you don't have a special

antistathave equipment,

electrostatis up. Raw materials for the

most plastic floors are petroleum products.

Their manufacture requires

a relativ high energy unityatz.

PVC floor coverings included as

most important addatplasticizers,

mostly phthalate that like hormones

act and are suspected of being

12 13

Photo: S. Jäger-Katzmann "the environmentalatung"

ber, kidneys and reproductive organs

to harm. They gas into that

Room air and find your way through

Abrasion in house dust. Ecologically

coverings made of polyolefin are somewhat cheaper,

this is the umbrella term for polypropylene

and polyethylene coverings.

Gluing floors -

Yes or no?

Floor adhesives can be great

Quantities of harmful substances

give off the air in the room. Dispense

Therefore, if possible, on a large area

Adhesive application. Carpets

can also do without

Adhesives are braced. In small

Spaces up to 20 m2 are suitable

Double-sided adhesive tape to attach.

Wooden floors should be on a substructure

nailed or screwed

be, anstatt to glue them together.

Interior design

If you do use glue,

it is best to use low-solvent

Glues from Natprimary resins.

There is for the oneatz area no

Natur resin product, choose if possible

low-emission glue with EC1-

Emicode seal of approval. See also chapter

Seal of approval, page 25. Ventilate

during and after processing

of adhesives sufficient.

For further reading:

On the web:

www.Environmental Sign.at






• Building biologically recommended floors for nursery consist

from pollutant-free Naturmatmaterials: solid wood, linoleum, cork,

Sheep wool, sisal or coconut.

• Prefer products with reputable seals of approval. See also

Chapter Seal of Approval, page 21.

• Do not use PVC floors that are harmful to health and

Adhesives containing harmful substances.

• Remember: the harder the surface, the less noise there will be


Photo: D. Pfeiffer "die environmentalatung"

The Organize ecologically

Ecological furniture for healthy indoor air

It is not a matter of indifference from which Material bed, chest and shelves

are built. Because pollutants that escape from the furniture

pollute the room air. Natural Materials are recommended.

Furniture in nursery should

not only be beautiful and practical,

but also durable and safe.

Rounded corners and edges

protect against injury, one

stable processing and stable

or secured against falling over

Furniture prevents accidents.


and avoid PVC

It is also important for health

that the furniture does not contain any harmful substances

give off the air. Especially with uncoated

Spanplatten exists

the risk of the environmental toxin

Formaldehyde evaporates. In Austria

only Spanplatten of the

Grade E1 are sold at

which the concentration of the outgassing

Formaldehyde as harmless

is seen. If you

However, a lot of furniture made from Spanplatth

in a little nursery

14 15

Photo: TEAM 7

set up, this can still increase

Pollutant concentrationations

to lead.

PVC plastic furniture such as inflatable

Sofas, look funny

and are cheap. But they are not

Recommended as they are plasticizers

that contain toxic fumes

give off to the room air.

Solid wood furniture

The ecological and healthy old age

Interior design

native are furniture for making it

Wood from regional forests

or wood with the FSC seal of approval

was used. FSC stands for “Forest

Stewartship Council ". The seal

guaranteed ecological Forest management.

See chapter Seal of approval,

Page 24.

Wood surfaces that are not strong

Exposed to pollution, like

z. B. shelves, laundry boxes or beds,

can be completely untreated

stay. For heavier loads

Wood is best for surfaces

with natnatural waxes and oils

let in. Furniture treated like this

hardly emit pollutants, load

do not electrostatis up and equal

the indoor climate. One with

Synthetic resin varnish painted wooden surface

however, behaves like one

Plastic surface.

Inexpensive and healthy:

Second hand

The pollutants are from old furniture

mostly already evaporated. Second

Hand furniture is therefore made

recommended from a health point of view

and mean a contribution

to avoid waste and to protect it

of resources. Simultaneously

save the household budget.

For further reading:

On the web:

• Wood products from sustainable

Forestry on



• Buy with natSolid wood furniture treated with natural oils or waxes.

• For boxes, desks and chests of drawers, make sure that

not only the fronts, but also drawer parts and

Back walls made of solid wood or z. B. glued solid wood platth

or three-shift platth are manufactured.

• Prefer wood products that have the FSC seal of approval.

Photo: M. Kupka "die environmentalatung"

Sleep kid sleep …

The sleeping areaatz set up healthy

In the first years of life, children spend about half of it

the time in bed. For restful sleep and recharging your batteries

a pollution-free environment is an advantage. Best to let

focus on Matratzen from Naturmatdream erialien.

In addition to health concerns

Pollutants should be at the sleeping placeatz

also disruptive electrical and

magnetic fields, noise, glare

Light and radiesthetic disturbances

be avoided.

The Cot

The optimal, healthy cot

consists of a metal-free bed frame

made of unpainted wood. Cheap

is a height of 40 to 50 cm,

as there is more dust closer to the ground

accumulates in the room air. With cots

should be the rung spacing

16 17

Photo: D. Pfeiffer "die environmentalatung"

do not exceed 6.5 cm. So can

prevents the head from sticking through


Stable and stable

Children also like to use the bed

to romp around and play. Cots

must therefore be stable and

be built to prevent tipping over. A railing

ensures that the child is asleep

can't fall out of bed.


The Lattenrost ensures ventilation

and humidity controlation the

Interior design

M.atratze from below. The Bed frame

should not be installed on the underside

or used as storage space

be to the ventilation and

Dehumidification of the Matratto ensure ze.

For the same reason

is regular, vigorous ventilation of the

Room important.


M.atratZen pads, pillows and

Duvets as well as linens should

from pollutant-free Natur fibers like

Cotton, sheep wool, linen,

Be down or feathers. These

M.aterials are suitable for Klimaund

Moisture regulationation in bed

especially good.



The Matratze should be permeable to air

be, warm the body, moisture

pick up and return.

M.atratzen from natnatural Material

meet these properties in the

Usually best. These include virgin sheep's wool,

Cotton, horsehair,

Straw, coconut and kapok.

For further reading:

Info sheets for download:

• Matratzen for healthy sleep

• Bedatz design trouble-free

www.environmentalatung.at/ download

On the web:

• environmentally friendly LatexmatratZen



• Air new Matratzen for a few days before use,

so that pollutants from production and packaging evaporate


• MatratZen pads and new bedding should be used before the first

Use to be washed.

• To prevent mold formation due to moisture, should

the Matratze can be turned over and over again to dry out.

Photo: © Prod. Numérik - Fotolia.com

Help in the product jungle

The most important seals of approval

Hardware stores and furniture stores offer a wide variety of products

on, but only a few are in terms of health and environmental protection

recommendable. It pays off, especially when it comes to nurseryrequirement

keep an eye out for seals of approval.

On furniture, furnishings

and treeaterial it is legal

not mandatory on the

Specify product ingredients. In

some cases show danger signs

on the packaging

harmful ingredients. Stubborn

Consumers receive a

Securityatenblatt of the product,

the information about health or

There are environmental risks.

Good guidance

Eco seals and labels are for

Consumers looking for

healthy, low-emission products

a big help. Preferably

and the simplest would be natnaturally one


low number of "strict" quality seals,

many products with environmental

and health-friendly

Characteristics distinguish. Unfortunately

rather the opposite is the case: there is

an unmanageable number of eco-or

Environmental labels, however

still relativ few products that

wear this.

The criteria for the different

Seals are different. So can

the valuation of a product itself

only on the use of the finished

Refer to the end product, or else

the entire life cycle of a

Product from production to

Include for disposal. Also

Interior design

the limit values ​​for health

questionable or environmentally harmful

Substances are often different



independent seal

Consumers find it difficult

recognize whether there is a seal

a trustworthy sign

acts, or whether it is an "eco-

Schmäh “sit up. Basically is

in the case of quality seals issued by manufacturing companies

be forgiven, rather caution

commanded. So it is better

adhere to the seal of approval more independent

To hold institutions and institutes.

Products bearing such a seal

are recommended.


• When shopping, ask specifically for products with reputable seals of approval.

• When shopping, give preference to products made from pure Naturmaterial.

In this way you avoid the risk of undesirable environmental and health hazards

Substances are included.

• Surfaces of floors, walls and ceilings in living spaces

should be as open-pored as possible and made of Materials exist that

Temporarily absorb moisture from the room air and then again

can deliver such. B. with Natwood floors oiled with urine resin products

or clay plaster with lime paint.

Photo: M. Kupka "die environmentalatung"

The following pages provide an overview of selected quality seals

and should give you an orientation in the seal of quality jungle.




Award criteria

The products must be a combinationation

of minimum requirements

regarding environmental and health compatibility

fulfill. Also

the usability is assessed.

The whole life process

of a product is taken into account.

www.Environmental Sign.at

Excellent products

Wood-based materials, wooden furniture, insulation materials,

Varnishes, glazes, wall paints,

Floor coverings, household appliances, cleaning products

20 21



Award criteria

The natureplus sign represents sophisticated

Requirements for the

Environmental and health protection.

Here is the entire path of life

of a product from the extraction of raw materials

through manufacture to

Disposal considered. The character

guarantees strict limit values ​​for pollutants,

all oneatsubstances become



Excellent products

Floor coverings, roof and wall tiles,

Insulation materials, paints and varnishes,

Wood-based materials, adhesives, plasters, drywall platth

Interior design

IBO certification mark


Award criteria

The Test mark sets high ecological

and health standards

for construction products. It aims to

Conserve resources and waste

and harmful to health

Avoid emissions. The whole

Life cycle of a product

is considered.


Excellent products

Insulation materials, wall building materials, plasters,

Construction planatth, roof tiles, screeds,

Wall heating

Eco certificateat


Award criteria

The eco certificateate and seal of approval

mark Material that on

harmless to health

tested and largely environmentally friendly