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Strength values ​​for men & women: this is how you can determine them

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You have never thought about yours Force values made? You've been training for ages, so you're advanced too ?! The training time does not say anything about your training statusbut only yours Force values. Here you can find out what's behind it all and how you can calculate it!

What are strength values?

Force values are the values ​​that show you how good or bad yours are fitness, your force and yours Muscle mass is fully trained and whether you are a beginner, advanced or an elite athlete in strength training. Your level of training is not shown by years of membership in the gym, but directly on the iron. Sorry, but unfortunately true!

Why should you know your strength values?

You should be yours Force values so that you know exactly what level of training you are at and how you can improve. Around Build muscle mass and getting rid of excess fat, it's really not bad to know how far you can go and what you can ask of your body. In addition, you can roughly estimate how long you have to train constantly, for example to be more advanced or even to get to the edge of the elite range and when further successes in muscle building will show.

How can the force values ​​be calculated?

The Force values are the ratio of 5 repetition maxima (or to put it internationally: RM = repetition maximum) with the repetition weight to your own body weight. For this force value measurement are exactly suitable 6 basic exercises:Squats, bench presses, deadlifts, rows, shoulder presses, and pull-ups. The pull-ups, however, play a special role, because this is not about weight, but generally about the number of repetitions.

This 5 RM value says how much weight your maximum for 5 technically perfect repetitions can take. You can also measure the whole thing at 1 RM, 8 RM or 12 RM. For your Force values do you calculate the repetition weight you have achieved with your body weight. Then you get a value out that between 0 and a little over 2 lies. You can then use the Strength standards read off in a table. The table is divided according to its values Beginners, advanced and elite. And then again to get to your maximum weight from the respective category, you can use the highest Force value the category times your own body weight.

Does it all sound pretty confusing and theoretical ?! Here is an example: You can do 5 x 75 kg in squats when you do it properly? Then the 5RM on the squat is 75kg. If your own body weight is also 75 kg, then yours are Force values at 1.0, which is still in the beginner's range for squats (75 kg (squats weight): 75 kg (body weight) = 1, easy!). Your Maximum weight the category with your body weight: 1.3 (maximum squat value for beginners) x 75 kg (body weight) = 97.5 kg! So you still have one Potential for improvement for a squat of 22.5 kg.

And how about the pull-ups now? 12 clean pull-ups are not a problem? Then you are in the advanced area. Nothing is calculated for pull-ups, you can look it up directly in the graphic.

By the way, how you can train to do more pull-ups in a targeted manner can be found here: Training pull-ups.

Here you will find the two tables of strength values ​​for men and strength values ​​for women:

If all of this is too cumbersome for you, there are some too Force value calculator on the net.

Which strength values ​​are the best?

Sure, each of you would like to belong to the elite. But only very few get there, because in some cases that no longer has anything to do with it tough training and perfect fitness lifestyle to do. The genetics plays a very important role here. But first and foremost, you can use your Force values see if you are a beginner or an advanced student. You can then adapt your training plans to this and you can assess how long measurable and visible successes in muscle building are waiting to be achieved and whether you have to change anything in your training at all. By the way, you are a beginner right away when you start training, advanced after about a year or year and You get elite power values ​​after more than 3 years, some need 5 - 10 years and still others of you will unfortunately never make it into the elite area due to poor genetic conditions despite good training ...

In addition, you can only describe yourself as, for example, advanced if your strength values ​​of ALL 6 exercises are in the category!Bad!

How can you increase your strength values?

Simply put: Increase strength with the right training! But what is right ?! You need to know which training plan is best to you and your goals fits. And depending on how far you are in training and in yours Force values the training and the muscle and strength building is getting harder.

But here is a rough direction:

Beginner consider themselves lucky, because everything is going pretty well with them, provided you train properly. Sometimes you can even use fatter dumbbells from training to training. Nice! Best for you guys is one Full body workout or a 2 split training, if you have a lot of power and motivation.

Advanced at some point notice that the successes are a long time coming and that everything is going more slowly than before. Building muscles is slowly but surely becoming a monthly challenge. You get closer to yours genetically pre-programmed limit. To get the last bit out of their own more intensive split training.

You are beautiful elite, but still want more ?! Now it's time to wait, because in order to measure success in this area, you have to look for a few months. At some point your body no longer gives up, thank genetics (or maybe not)! Here the mass phase and definition phase and a training of maximum strength could help you.

Strength values: my conclusion

The Force values show you how your fitness and your level of training is. Because just because you've been in the gym for x years and training here doesn't mean that you are real pros on the iron. With the calculation of your own Force values you will find out how trained you really are. Besides, you can too new training goals for example, to become more advanced or to train to the edge of the elite. The Force values also give you an idea of ​​how long you have to train constantly in order to improve and when Success in building muscle demonstrate. But: Only those who are in the same category in ALL 6 basic exercises can also label themselves accordingly. That is, just because your Force values advanced on average, you are far from being. And also very important: You shouldn't lie to yourself and, for the devil, count technically unclean repetitions just to be "better". Firstly, it does not correspond to your real training level and secondly, you are doing nothing good for your health!

How are yours Force values so? Write to me, I'm curious if we can find an elite pro!

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