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11 German words that you definitely don't know

Status: 04/19/2021 11:09 a.m.

Do you know the word "Schurrmurr"? Do you know what it means when someone "squeals" or "sloppies"? These words are really in the Duden, but nobody uses them. Time to change that!

There are many words that we know but still use far too rarely. These include, for example, words like "butschern", "dösig", "luschern" or "schnökern". And then there are words that are totally beautiful, cute or simply suitable, but which, at least here in the north, almost nobody knows.

So we're expanding your vocabulary - bet you haven't heard these words before, but are guaranteed to use them in the future?

1. Ouch!

A "dachtel" or "tachtel" is one Slap. The Duden experts assume that the root of the word comes from Middle High German: "dāht" stands for "thinking". At some point this probably turned into the famous "memorandum" and then a blow to the head.


2. Do you also sometimes radot?

Bet you all know someone who can radiate endlessly? Did we know? "Radotieren" stands for "chatter uninhibited". According to Duden, the word is out of date - we think it should be revived urgently!

By the way, there are several derivations of the origin of the word: "Radoter" in French means something like "chat, repeat yourself, talk nonsense, always chew the same stories over again". In the Middle Dutch language there was also the verb "doten", which meant something like "dream" or "become childish".


3. La la laaa ...

According to the Duden, a "particularly northern German" word. "Quinkelieren" (sometimes also "quinquilieren") stands for whistle, sing, warble, chirp, chirp. Example: "A lark squealed in the trees". Sounds like a perfect description for songbirds, but it can certainly also be applied to some people who squeak around in a very high-pitched voice.


4. Scuttled, scuttled, most scuttled

"Lost" is a slang word that describes someone who shy and timid is and little self-confidence Has. Sounds kind of cute!


5. Already slouched today?

Our absolute favorite, both because of the word and because of the activity behind this verb: "Schlampampen" comes from Low German and means that one feasts, putties the food in or simply eats very extensive. Delicious - the word will be used in a loop from now on!


6. Isn't it just kidding !?

If someone makes rough jokes, rages or behaves "foolishly", then he "hazel". The Duden also sees this word as out of date. It could have its origin in (old) French: "Harceler" stands for "bully" or "harass".


7. "What a plempe!"

... or also: "What a foul!" According to Duden, the word "plempe" describes a "thin, meaningless, bland drink"that does not taste good (anymore) - for example because it was shaken too hard. Uh!


8. If somebody kujons you again ...

... you can teach him or her this new vocabulary right away: "You kujonierst me!" With that you say colloquially that you have someone Treated unworthily, harassed or pressured unnecessarily and viciously. Another old word that desperately needs to be celebrated a revival!


9. Probably the most suitable synonym for pain

BRAST - that sounds hard and tedious. In fact, a heartache like this can be quite painful. According to Duden, "(Herzens-) Brast" stands for one great mental pain or distress. The word was most likely used in the 18th and 19th centuries.


10. Sorry for the Malesche!

"Malesche" is supposed to be a northern German word. According to Duden, it stands for "Inconvenience". The French word "malaise", which means something like "malaise", is given as the origin.


11. As with Hempels under the sofa!

Have you been looking for a new word for the chaos in your storage room for a long time? Here you go: "Schurrmurr" stands for "Mess, junk, worthless stuff". What a loving way of describing all that stuff in our worry room!


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