Who really owns the Guardian?



Mission statement / mandate:

“The Scott Trust owns the newspaper. [...] He exerts little pressure. The trustees have a self-restraint as to the policy of the paper or the details of management and financial administration. You appoint editors-in-chief [...] and give them a single instruction: to continue the tradition of the paper "as before". What does that mean? It means understanding and being true to the newspaper's liberal and progressive ethos. It means a commitment to high journalistic ethical standards. It is a prerequisite that the newspaper will continue to be serious, politically independent and internationally oriented. ”(Editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger: Guardian website, http://www.guardian.co.uk/values/socialaudit/story/0 ,, 1926 195.00.html, accessed October 1, 2008, translation by ACCORD)

The Guardian's political orientation is usually described as 'center-left': "Features editor Ian Katz stated in 2004 that it is" no secret that we are a center-left newspaper ". In 2008 Guardian columnist Jackie Ashley stated that editorial content was a mix of "center-right liberalists, Greens, Blair supporters, Brown supporters, less Brown-enthusiastic Labor supporters, etc.," and that the paper was "Clearly left of center and progressive to a certain extent". She also said that “one can be absolutely certain that the Guardian's position in the next nationwide election will not be dictated by the editor-in-chief, much less by a foreign owner (it helps that there is none), but that the outcome will be brighter Debates within the newspaper will be "." (Wikipedia: The Guardian, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Guardian#Stance_and_editorial_opinion, accessed October 1, 2008, translation ACCORD)

Target group:

Internet users worldwide. “The latest user survey found that 13 million people read Guardian Unlimited each month. Around 20 percent of users are from the UK and, encouragingly, 40 percent from the United States, followed by Canada, Germany, Australia, France and Japan. However, almost every country in the world is represented. ”(Guardian website, http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2006/mar/09/howtheguardianworks1, accessed October 1, 2008, translation by ACCORD)


"The Guardian is part of the GMG Guardian Media Group of newspapers, radio stations, print media (including the Sunday paper The Observer, the Manchester Evening News and the international newspaper The Guardian Weekly) and new media (the websites Guardian Abroad and guardian.co.uk). All of the products mentioned are owned by the Scott Trust, a charitable foundation with the aim of continuously securing independence and remaining financially independent and thus protected from for-profit media groups and the often associated restrictions on journalistic independence. The Guardian has been posting losses for some time. GMG's National Newspaper division, which is also the Observer , reported an operating loss of £ 49.9m in 2006 compared to £ 18.6m in 2005. The newspaper is therefore heavily reliant on cross-funding from profitable companies within the group, including Auto trader and the Manchester Evening News. ” (Wikipdia: The Guardian, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Guardian#Stance_and_editorial_opinion, accessed October 1, 2008, translation ACCORD)

Scope of reporting:

Geographic focus: Worldwide.

Thematic focus: International news.

Reporting methodology:

The Guardian has a network of foreign correspondents that it shares with its sister paper The Observer shares (Guardian website, http://www.guardian.co.uk/newsroom/story/0,,728445,00.html, accessed October 1, 2008).

The collection and production of news is regulated by an editorial code, which both employees and freelance journalists who work for the Guardian are required to adhere to (The Guardian's Editorial Code, updated April 2007, http://image.guardian.co .uk / sys-files / Guardian / documents / 2007/06/14 / EditorialCode2007.pdf, accessed October 1, 2008).

Publication cycle:

News articles are published daily.



Navigation on the website:

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Additional Information:

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