When did you appreciate unsolicited advice?

job references

5. What certificates are there?

The simple testimony only contains information about the type of employment and its duration. In practice it has hardly any meaning and is more likely to be issued for very short periods of employment. The simple certificate is to be issued unsolicited because there is a legal and tariff entitlement to it.

The qualified certificate is now the rule of the job reference and is required in application processes. The University of Bremen is obliged to issue a qualified certificate if requested.

In addition to the job description, the qualified certificate also includes an assessment of the performance and leadership qualities of the employees.

A Interim report is issued during an existing employment relationship. Anyone who requests an interim reference needs a valid reason (e.g. application, change of manager, implementation, transfer, etc.).

The structure and content of the interim certificate are based on the qualified certificate. The reason for the issue should be stated at the end of the interim certificate.

At the end of an apprenticeship or professional development - but also if the final exam is broken off prematurely or if the final exam is not passed - is a trainee and retraining member Vocational training certificate exhibit. The simple training certificate contains the type, duration and objective of the vocational training as well as the skills and knowledge acquired in the training. On request, trainees receive a qualified certificate with information about their performance, behavior and special technical skills.