What is a wet kiss

Why men kiss differently than women & more surprising facts about the kiss!

Kissing is great. It always pulls the ground a little away from under your feet. Makes you forget everything around you. It's kind of magical. No wonder we spend 110,000 minutes kissing by the time we are 70. Although it could be a lot more if you consider that we Germans kiss on average a third less than our European neighbors (Friendscout24 survey). So we should catch up and kiss more urgently!

First in the video: THAT is what men really think when they kiss!

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Here are a few kissing facts:

  • Kissing is a sporty affair: If you kiss, you use between 29 and 38 muscles in your face, depending on the intensity of the kiss, and burn 12 calories per 3-minute kiss. No diet can be more beautiful!
  • The average kiss now lasts twice as long as it did 20 years ago. Back then, people only kissed for six seconds.
  • Kissing is sexy: Since the lips and tongue have a large number of nerves, a kiss becomes a soulful experience, because the nerves are extremely sensitive.
  • Kissing makes you beautiful, healthy and happy: When you kiss, the adrenaline level rises, blood circulation is promoted and since kissing transfers bacteria, the body produces more defenses. So kissing strengthens the immune system. The increased blood flow and the release of endorphins make the complexion rosy and firm, the eyes light up and feelings of happiness are released. So a kiss is a real all-rounder.
  • 97 percent of German women close their eyes when they kiss. Only 30 percent of men do that.

Funny studies or: when men kiss

A New York University study on kissing found that men kiss for different reasons than women. According to the study, a kiss for a woman is a beautiful affair that strengthens trust between those who kiss. Men are supposed to see a kiss as merely a means to an end and increase the likelihood of having sex. According to the study, men also have different preferences when it comes to the kiss technique. For men, a kiss must be moist and intense, while women only care about sensitive tongue games with tender gestures.

What nonsense, we think. And we are glad that studies do not always apply to every person on this globe. Because: Women also love intense, moist kisses and women also get hot when they are kissed passionately. So!

10 tips for the perfect kiss:

Nothing has to be perfect, of course, but there are a few things that are important when kissing. Here are ten dos for wonderfully sensual kissing:

  • Avoid using centimeter-thick lipstick. Thoughts about smeared makeup only bothers while kissing. And maybe your partner isn't into looking like a travesty artist afterwards.
  • Relax while kissing. Kissing is great when you do it with skin and hair and feeling. There is nothing worse than hectic, loveless kisses.
  • Give yourself up to the moment and your kissing partner - and don't go through the grocery list for the supermarket in your mind. Ideally, you will forget everything around you.
  • Don't ram your tongue right down your kissing partner's throat like there's no tomorrow. Take it slow and step up.
  • Why always on the mouth? There are so many beautiful parts of the body that are delighted with delicate lips.
  • Be active in kissing. This is what we women do because we are mostly very sensitive kissers. So show him how sweet your kisses are.
  • Everyone kisses differently. Therefore, respond to the other person, react to his kisses, slowly feel your way forward, be soulful. Then everything just happens by itself.
  • Body fluids are exchanged when kissing. So don't be squeamish if you drool over a little while making out. That is just part of it. If you just make sure not to kiss too wet, you are definitely doing something wrong.
  • Kissing doesn't just mean the lips are touching. Put your hands around his face, slide your hands under his sweater, show physical effort, be active and passionate.
  • A kiss can have a thousand facets. It can be nibbling, sucking, tickling, sensual, tender, loving, demanding, reserved and even bitten. Don't kiss like in a clean Hollywood flick, kiss how you feel!

Please don't:

  • Everyone who kisses is happy when the other person doesn't suffer from bad breath. A bit of toothpaste or chewing gum works wonders and shows the other person: I don't really care about you. I want to be comfortable for you.
  • Too many stubble - sorry guys, but then our face is bright red and irritable. There is a perfect beard length for snogging - and there is one that is sheer torture for us women.
  • Kissing out of a sense of duty - unfortunately not possible. Loveless obligatory kisses should be abolished. So either put your heart and mind into it, or leave it.

A kiss is not just a kiss

The greeting kiss: In some cultures frowned upon, in many an integral part of the welcoming ritual. In Germany this is two kisses on the cheek, while in the Netherlands or Switzerland you kiss three times. In some regions of France you kiss four times.

The kiss on the hand: Symbolizes affection, respect or submission. In the case of unmarried women, according to etiquette, it may only be indicated.

The French kiss: The French kiss is an intimate game of tongue, usually between lovers, which is considered the prelude to further sexual acts. Such affections in public are forbidden in Asia.

The brother kiss: When Gorbachev and Honecker ... The brotherly kiss is a form of deference between statesmen, consisting of an embrace and a kiss on the cheek (occasionally on the mouth).

The movie kiss: Today is mostly a real kiss. It used to be an acrobatic masterpiece: During a film kiss, people kissed the chin or pressed their own tongue against the cheek to pretend that the other person's tongue was in their own mouth.

The Eskimo Kiss: In Asia and the Arctic, people greet each other with a nose or Eskimo kiss. The noses are rubbed together. But this does not replace kissing between lovers.

The butterfly kiss: This is the name given to the tender touch of the fluttering eyelashes that stroke the face and other parts of the body.

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