What is Linux Web Hosting

Linux vs. Windows: The two web server solutions in comparison

The following applies to web hosting Linux often considered the best operating system for web servers. The system has been operating as a free software available to everyone and, thanks to its simple modular structure, can be adapted to your own ideas with the appropriate knowledge. Costs are only incurred if you use distributions with a paid support offer. With its reliability, stability and efficiency, Linux has proven itself in the most demanding web and mail server environments.

If you intend to PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby or MySQL Linux is an excellent choice to use. If you are looking for ready-to-use homepage solutions, applications such as If you are looking for blogs, content management systems or discussion forums, various open source applications are available in the Linux hosting area, while the software for Windows hosting is usually chargeable.

Since 1993 Microsoft has also been sending Windows Server, an operating system for server use, into the race. This is a payment software that also includes support and updates for the period advertised. A major advantage that Windows hosting had compared to a Linux variant is the support of the powerful ASP.NET framework, the latest version of which is, however, also compatible with Linux. However, applications such as SharePoint or Exchange remain exclusive, with the help of which communication and joint work on projects are considerably simplified. There are also open source applications for Linux for this, but these are less popular in the corporate environment. The following table summarizes the properties of the two operating systems with regard to web hosting in brief: