How did elves mutate into orcs?


The Metahumanity is divided into five main races, which (with the exception of humans) were created from 2011 by UGE and from 2021 by goblinization. The main races mentioned can be subdivided into various metavariants, which are, however, far less common.

  • People (Homo sapiens sapiens), colloquially in contrast to MetaPeople, often also as Norms designated.
    • Nartaki , the only metavariant of the human type. Mainly widespread in India.

Metahumans (also Meta people or short: Metas) - includes various "new" races that have been romping around on our good old earth since the awakening (or romping again, as they should have already existed in earlier magic cycles) and their - rarer - local variants:

  • Orcs (Homo sapiens robustus), with the local subspecies:
  • Trolls, with the local subspecies:
  • Elves, with the local subspecies:
  • and dwarfs, with the local subspecies:

In the past, science has speculated and argued about whether Sasquatche may also belong to the metahumans. The proven genetic incompatibility that allows reproduction between metahumans (all subspecies of the genus Homo sapiens) and Sasquatchen (Pesvastus pilosis) makes impossible, has meanwhile refuted these assumptions or speculations. - Elves, norms, orcs, dwarfs and even trolls, on the other hand, can have children with each other (even if the act itself, especially in the case of trolls with a different metatype, is likely to be quite life-threatening for the non-troll and usually not pleasant - except perhaps for very much strong orcs). - However, mixed breeds generally do not arise in multi-racial relationships (there are no half-elves, half-orcs, etc.) - but the children always have the metatype of a parent. Which one is apparently purely coincidental, and so far there are no scientific explanations why it is the same for one couple and the other way around for the next. In the case of multiple births, which are very common among orcs, it can even happen - if the father is the norm - that there are two orc babies and one human baby. Children born as human babies from a human-orc relationship, however, goblin more often than average later.

In spite of numerous new features, persons who were SURGE in the year of the comet do not form their own races, but continue to belong to the same race despite all differences Metatype as before their mutation.

The Homo sapiens draco - colloquially Drake - on the other hand, because of its sexual compatibility with metahumans, it is now counted as meta-humanity, although the Drakes are in fact dracomorphic shape-shifters, and in their meta-human form can belong to any metatype and any metavariant.

In many areas of the Sixth World are Metahumans Target of anti-metahuman racism, while on the other hand metahumans themselves can be racist towards normal people (norms) and other metahumans (metas), for which the behavior of certain elves (especially in the Tírs) is an ugly example!

Infected metavariants: [edit]

Infection with the human-meta-human vampiric virus, which occurs in several strands (MMVV 1, MMVV 2, warrior strand, Bruckner-Langer variant), new races have also emerged from the infected:

  • Vampires (MMVV-I, human)
  • Nosferatus (MMVV-Ia, Bruckner-Langer, Mensch or Elf)
  • Loup-Garou (MMVV-II, human) - means something like werewolf in French.
  • Banshees (MMVV-I, Eleven)
  • Reaper (MMVV-II, Elf)
  • Wendigos (MMVV-I, Ork)
  • Grendel (MMVV-II, Ork)
  • Dzoo-Noo-Quas (MMVV-I, Troll)
  • Fomorians (MMVV-II, Troll)
  • Goblins (MMVV-I, dwarf)
  • Rodent (MMVV-II, dwarf)
  • Ghouls (MMVV-III, Warrior Strand, all)

All infected metavariants share needs for metahuman blood / flesh / essence, and their sanity has often been irreparably damaged in the transformation. As a result, they often no longer become the Metahumans but counted among the critters and suffering from even more prejudice, rejection, hatred and legislation that excludes them. - In many places vampirism is a notifiable disease according to epidemic police laws and a bounty is placed on the infected.

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