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Coronavirus: situation in Brazil

Current situation and info update

The Foreign Trade Center São Paulo and the Foreign Trade Office Rio de Janeiro provide Austrian companies with up-to-date information on the coronavirus / COVID-19 in Brazil.

Status: May 19, 2021

Current: Brazil travelers need a PCR test + health declaration

  • Business travelers and touristscan on the airwayenter.
  • More negativePCR test + Health declaration got tobefore departure be submitted.
  • Entry ban for foreignerswho have been in theUnited KingdomSouth Africaor India have stopped.
  • AustrianTravel warning (Security level 6) for Brazil. We warn against all trips to Brazil.
  • Entry and landing bans in Europe currently limit theTravel opportunities on the (return) way according to Austria.
  • Brazil travelers (Incl. Business travelers) must be in Austria upon arrival in Quarantine.

Current & important

  • International travelers require a negative to enter BrazilPCR test(SARS-CoV-2, max. 72 hours before departure) and oneHealth declaration
  • Foreignerswho have been in theUnited Kingdom, South Africa orIndia have stopped (including changing / passing through), is theentryin Brasilforbidden.
  • Brazil travelers (Business travelers and tourists)can in Brazil by airenter (Maximum length of stay 90 days). Entry on theLand route is currently only offParaguay allowed.
  • One valid for Brazil Travel health insurance - without COVID-19 restriction - is recommended. The mandatory submission of an insurance policy is no longer necessary.
  • InternationalTransit travelers also need a negativePCR testand aHealth declaration.
  • return from Brasil:Entry and landing bansin a number of Schengen member states currently limit theReturn travel options for business travelers on the (return) way according to Austria. We recommend youfor business trips to Brazil with the Foreign Trade Center São Pauloget in touch with: [email protected]
  • Brazil currently has thesecond highest number of COVID-19 infectionsworldwide.
  • Freight transportis of restrictions and border closingsnot affected.
  • Post and parcel deliveries to and from Brazil arepossible.
  • GeneralMask requirementin many regions, including inSão Paulo andRio de Janeiro.

Entry and travel regulations

Relief for vaccinated peopleRelief for those who have recoveredRelief for the tested
Entry only with a negative PCR test (max. 72 hours before departure).

International travelers, both foreigners and Brazilians, need a negative to enter BrazilPCR test (SARS-CoV-2, max. 72 hours before departure) and oneHealth declaration of the traveler (Declaração de Saúde do Viajante - DSV; printed or in digital form, filled in 72 hours before departure). Both documents mustbefore departure presented to the airline.

Thedocument, the one negativePCR test confirmed, must be onEnglish, Portuguese or Spanish be submitted. The PCR test must be carried out in a laboratory recognized by the national health authority of the country of departure. For flights with connections or stopovers, the 72 hours before the first flight are taken into account, as long as the traveler does not leave the transit area of ​​the airport.children under twelve years of age traveling with an adult do not need to show a PCR test.

The digital version the Health declaration (English version) can be found here: Traveler's Health Declaration

Transit in Brazil: Travelers who are in Brazil change or a Stopover and do not leave the international transit area, you also have to do a negative one before departure PCR testand a Health declaration show.

Flights from theUnited Kingdom, South Africa and India to Brazil are currentforbiddenForeignerswho have been inGreat Britain, Northern Ireland, South Africa orIndia have stopped (including changing / passing through), is theentry in Brasilnot allowedBrazilian, foreign spouses, children and parents of Brazilian citizens,Foreigners with a valid residence permit and foreign employees with accreditation by the Brazilian government (e.g. diplomats) who have been in theUnited Kingdom, South Africa or India have stayed (including changing / passing through), are still allowed to enter, but must be for14 daysin quarantine go.

Business travelers and tourists can on theAirway in Brasilenter. Since mid-October, entry has also been on the Land route out Paraguay allowed. Coming from other countries, entry is on Land and water routes for foreigners, however, still not possible. The stay is open to Austrians without a visa90 days limited.

We strongly recommend one that is valid for BrazilTravel health insuranceto be completed without COVID-19 restriction. The proof of the policy of a valid foreign health insurance is meanwhileno longer mandatory

The Brazilian health authority ANVISA randomly checks international travelers on arrival in Brazil. People who show symptoms are taken to hospitals for review.

ANVISA recommends that passengers traveling from abroad isolate themselves for at least seven days. People who have a fever, cough or difficulty breathing within a period of up to 14 days after a trip abroad should go into quarantine and also contact the nearest health facility immediately and inform the authorities about the trip.

Return from Brazil

peoplethat are located within thelast ten days inBrazil have stayed, need for thatentry in Austria onenegative PCR test (SARS-CoV-2, sampling max. 72 hours before arrival in Austria) and must immediately submit a ten-day quarantine compete. Business travelersmust now also be inquarantine. Free testing from quarantine is only possible using a negative PCR test, at the earliest on the fifth day after entry (day of entry = day 0). Antigen tests are no longer accepted among travelers to Brazil. The 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered, tested) does not currently apply to Brazil travelers.

Please note at Business trips toBrazilthat it is current in a number of Schengen member states Entry and landing bans gives. The number of Travel opportunities for business travelers on the (return) way according to Austria are therefore currently limited.

We recommend you for business trips to Brazil before departure in Austria with the Foreign Trade Center São Paulo Get in touch with,to receive information on the current situation: [email protected]

Please note the detailed information, including the changes in connection with the entry from Brazil, to the currently valid entry regulations in Austria: Information on entry to Austria

Regulations for freight transport

Freight traffic is not affected by restrictions and border closings. National and international goods transports are possible without restrictions.