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IET Newsletter 08/19

Help shape the energy transition

The climate debate is coming to a head! New solutions are needed for the energy policy of the future. Society is constantly changing, driven by technical developments and conscious decisions in politics. Now is the time to explore technical solutions so that you can stay one step ahead of changes in society.

Rapid changes require competent solutions. The Institute for Energy Technology is the ideal partner to implement this. Here is a small selection of our ongoing activities.

Research power-to-gas

The IET is working on the next generation of power-to-gas systems: With new Swiss technologies, we are improving the efficiency of methane production from the current 50% to 70% and are testing other new Swiss technologies. What is special about the project are the many partners from industry and other universities. In the future, further topics of sustainable energy supply will be dealt with at the facility.

On June 24th, Federal Councilor Sommaruga visited our facility on the occasion of a Swisscleantech event. If you would like to visit us in groups, please contact besuch-ptg (at)


Image: short shot photography gmbh / Damian Imhof

Innovation projects

Innosuisse is a federally founded institution with the aim of increasing the exchange of knowledge between industry and universities. In particular, Swiss SMEs are supported with funding to implement their innovations in a product and bring them to market. Now is the time to submit an application for an innovation project to Innosuisse.

The IET is happy to support you, for example, in digitizing a development step (digital twin, big data), investigating and improving a new product concept with regard to mechanics or flow (CFD) or making your idea in the field of renewable energies marketable Launch of Innosuisse projects: [email protected]

Wind energy @ HSR

At the end of June we organized a "Mini-Symposium" at the Wind Energy Science Conference 2019 in Cork, Ireland, and gave three lectures. We have the first results of the project "A new process for the pragmatic choice of wind models in complex terrain" (Lecture Sarah Barber: "Quantification of skill score and cost"; Lecture Alain Schubiger: "Evaluation of the Lattice Boltzmann Method for wind modeling in complex terrain ") as well as a feasibility study on renewable microgrids in Switzerland (lecture by Sarah Barber:" 100% renewable energy microgrid feasibility study ").

In August, thanks to Innosuisse, we started an exciting collaboration with the start-up company Skypull from Ticino. With the help of the Lattice-Boltzmann method in combination with an adjoint optimization, we support you in aerodynamically improving your innovative "Airborne Wind Turbine".

Images: © Skypull

We are also in the process of founding the new network "The Swiss Wind Energy R&D Network". Register here if you don’t want to miss important news about foundation, membership, events and more!

Contact: Sarah Barber (sarah.barber (at)

Internships for career changers

The complete decarbonization of society by 2050 will create many jobs in the energy and environmental sectors. It is therefore urgent to get more young people excited about these topics. We are currently experiencing that many career changers are interested in the course in renewable energies and environmental technology.

Fortunately, there are also many women. But they all need a technical internship to be admitted. We would like to put a list of companies on the degree program's website that could offer internships. If you are ready, we would appreciate it very much.

Contact: Henrik Nordborg henrik.nordborg (at)

further education

The HSR always offers exciting training and further education. Here are the most recent examples:

CAS Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • The CAS Computational Fluid Dynamics provides you with comprehensive specialist knowledge for the successful application of flow simulation - scientifically sound and practice-oriented.

CAS in Production Management HSG / HSR

  • In the course of increasing digitalization, production is facing new opportunities and challenges. New skills and methods must complement existing experience. The CAS in Production Management HSG / HSR helps ensure that the latest findings in the field of production management find their way into operational practice.

Bachelor in Renewable Energies and Environmental Technology

  • Shape the future. The course in renewable energies and environmental technology is the beginning of an exciting and fulfilling professional career. In no other industry are there as many challenges and opportunities as in the area of ​​sustainability.

Master in Energy and Environment

  • The Energy and Environment course is part of the MSE, an offer from all seven public law universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. You can design the main areas of study yourself to a large extent according to your personal interests or career aspirations. We train you to become an expert in environmental and energy technology and you deepen your knowledge to solve current problems.


29 August 2019 to
September 1, 2019 University of Applied Sciences Eastern Switzerland at the OBA

September 04, 2019 Conference: Digitization in Industry
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September 12, 2019 «CAM: current and future challenges»
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October 26, 2019 Bachelor Information Day

November 7, 2019 IEEE Power and Energy Rapid Society: Decarbonization and its impact on society

Q1 2020 Expert talks on power-to-gas

May 13, 2020 Save the date - "The Second Swiss Wind Energy R&D Forum"


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