Who is the owner of Nestle India


Nestlé S.A. is the largest food company in the world. Sales are distributed across the various product families as follows:

- Beverages (33.1%): instant coffee (Nescafé brand), coffee capsules (Nespresso), bottled mineral water (Vittel, Perrier, Contrex, etc.), chocolate drinks (Nesquik, Milo), tea-based drinks (Nestea), etc .;

- pharmaceutical, nutritional and wellbeing products (16.2%): dermatological products (mainly drugs for the treatment of acne, mycoses and the scalp; Galderma) and nutritional supplements of beauty (Laboratoires Innéov), ​​energy products (brands PowerBar, Resource , Boost, Nutren and Peptamen), diet products (Jenny Craig), infant nutrition products (Nidal, Ptit and Naturnes) and cereals (Fitness, Chocapic, Cookie Crisp, Cini Minis, Nesquik and Estrelitas);

- Pet food (14.7%): Purina, Friskies, Felix, etc .;

- Dairy products and ice creams (14.3%): milk powder (brands Nido, Ninho and Guigoz), sweetened condensed milk (Nestlé), yoghurts and dessert creams (Sveltesse), ice creams (Haagen Dazs, Dreyer's, Extrême, Nestlé Ice Cream and Mövenpick);

- Ready meals and seasoned products (13.2%): frozen meals and dishes from the refrigerated counter (brands Lean Cuisine, Hot Pockets and Stouffer's), soups (Maggi), sauces (Buitoni), etc .;

- Chocolate, pastries and biscuits (8.5%): Kit Kat, Smarties, Crunch, etc.

Net sales break down geographically as follows: Switzerland (1.3%), Europe / Middle East / North Africa (27.3%), USA (31.1%), America (14.6%), China (7, 5%) and Asia / Oceania / Sub-Saharan Africa (18.2%).

Number of employees : 273,000 people.
Sales by business area