Who was Santos Dumont

Alberto Santos Dumont and the Cartier Santos
Cartier Santos - the watch for an aviation pioneer

An aviation pioneer and his watch

The model CartierSantos Dumont,from watch collectors and fans of old watch models worldwide only Cartier Santos called, is a term and stands for a real one Watch classics. And it is certainly not one of the most successful wristwatch models in the company for nothing Richmont. But few people who wear this watch know that the beginnings of this classic watch go back to 1904 and the beginnings of aviation.
The starting point was Paris at the turn of the century. The Paris World Exhibition had created a climate of new beginnings, research and visions. Well-known and unknown names met in the young “Aéroclub de France” and looked for new aircraft. The young aviation industry, which initially limited itself to flying gas-filled zeppelins and balloons, had to be revolutionized with new aircraft and records were set. Members of the club included such well-known names as Jules Verne, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel and Louis Cartier. Among the aviation visionaries, on the other hand, a young Brazilian man from a wealthy family stood out:Alberto Santos-Dumont. He had already successfully contested various flight races with a zeppelin and was now working on an aircraft that was motor-driven and therefore, unlike zeppelins, should be heavier than air.

In the course of this development, Santos-Dumont had from his friendLouis Cartier Also wanted a watch that would have hands free for navigation and flight control during the flight. The pocket watches that were still prevalent at the time were simply too cumbersome for that. The motorized aircraft developed by Alberto Santos-Dumont in 1905, on the other hand, required free hands and a quick glance at the clock. And so it was Louis Cartier himself who created the first “pilot watch” for his friend from the Aéroclub de France Cartier Santos and presented to Alberto Santos-Dumont as a personal gift.

When Santos-Dumont rose to his fantastic flight of 220 meters in 21.5 seconds and several meters in height on November 12, 1906, a great moment for mankind was accomplished. Appropriately with the watch of his friend Louis Cartier on the wrist. With that, not only was motorized aviation born, but with that Cartier Santos-Dumont also the genus of Pilot watches raised from the baptism.
For Alberto Santos-Dumont this day was a day of triumph and all over the world the gazettes were full of praise.