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"Tut gut!" Celebrates the 140th "Healthy School" in Lower Austria

LR Eichtinger "Showcase program for building bridges between health and education for 30,000 students and 3,600 teachers."

“Tut gut!” Recently welcomed the 140th “Healthy School” to the health care program of the Hürm Middle School.

“What started with 10 pilot schools has now grown into a nationwide health movement. A total of 140 participating schools confirm our efforts and show how healthy learning and teaching works in Lower Austria's schools ", emphasizes Provincial Councilor Martin Eichtinger.

The “Healthy School” program of “Tut gut!” Health Care was launched in the 2007/08 school year. Currently around 30,000 pupils and around 3,600 teachers in 140 “healthy schools” are cared for by “Tut gut!”.

The aim of the program is to design the school as a place of learning and work in a health-promoting manner, in order to promote the health of all those involved in school life, from the school caretaker to pedagogues to the children, and to support the school's educational mandate.

In Hürm, too, as at every other “healthy school” school location, a steering group consisting of “healthy school” officers, teachers, pupils, school management, parents, etc. is in action. This defines internal school goals and implements appropriate measures.

"I and my entire team are delighted to be part of the" Healthy School "program with immediate effect and thus to be able to make a contribution to health promotion", says the director of MS Hürm, Ingeborg Lechner.

Further information on the “Healthy School” program can be found here.