Can people really see them reading advanced pieces?

Can people really read advanced pieces?

When you started reading, you did it one letter at a time and one word at a time.

"Tuh Huh Eh - The ... Cuh Ah Tuh - Cat ... The Cat ..."

... and so on.

As you improve, you get faster. You would start to recognize whole words at once, then whole sentences. Now you can look at a writing page and read it aloud at your normal speaking pace.

When you've learned a new writing system - e.g. For example, Cyrillic or Japanese Hiragana - you revert to the slow reading style letter by letter, but with practice you would improve and be able to read Russian or Japanese text fluently.

Music is the same. You are currently in the note-by-note phase "CAT: cat". As you practice, you will improve. You recognize (for example) a D, F #, A triad on the stave and simply play it back. They recognize common rhythm patterns and can also play them.

As with reading text, there is a sliding scale of complexity. A reader at a certain level might have no problem Dick and Jane To read children's literature or tabloid articles, but would have difficulty reading an academic newspaper or James Joyces Ulysses to read.

It's the same with music. At the level of Dick and Jane (for piano) would be an unaccompanied melody in C major with no accidentals. When you switch to a key with sharp and flat points, a signed piece, a simple left hand part, more complex rhythms and chords, the work becomes more difficult.

Different people have different preferences. I am not a fluent seer. I'm not even a particularly skilled reader of sheet music. But I can play music by ear and improvise chord accompaniment.

My mother has no idea how to play a melody by ear or create a chord sequence to go with a melody. She doesn't learn bits and pieces from memory. But give her a few notes and she'll play it by sight.

I feel like my mother represents the majority of "traditional" pianists - the people who accompany school choirs and play church organs around the world.

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You are right, I should learn it step by step and say, "It is the first step that is tedious." Many Thanks!