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08/02/2017 - comment from flutschi:

First of all: this is a nice page with great listings
My question is generally about experiences with antidepressants. Has anyone had good or bad experiences with AD?
Can AD Help At All?
Did other things help you more? - Hypnotherapy, meditation, cognitive therapy, other therapies, exercise, changed lifestyle?
Please share your good / bad experiences, thank you guys

09/15/2017 - re: Experiences - Comment from Jenna:

I think I have almost every antidepressant that I know of. I can't even remember half the crap I took. I've never been lucky, unfortunately I have a high tolerance for drugs, but I'm a slow metabolizer, which makes me very sensitive to side effects. Let me explain: the positive effects of the medication are waning quickly, but I keep using it, which is causing an overload in my system, so I have to stop for a few days every few weeks to get the AD out.

When I was on Seroquel I weighed 15 kg more after 6 weeks and I tried to kill myself more often while taking it than while not taking it. When I was in the mental hospital I was on valproate (not sure what dosage) and my hair started falling out and I took it for about 10 days before my liver couldn't cope with it and I had to stop for 3 days. I've never had a problem with only bipolar depression and the drugs used to treat depression are the same. I'm usually more manic than depressed. But antidepressants stabilize mood and that is why they are also used to treat bipolar disorder. I'm fine with therapy and family support. A good support system is important ... and yes, a nice list up there.

11/26/2017 Comment from Lutz:

Hi everyone,

Actually, I wanted to put a link to my antidepressant about effects and side effects and also information on driving ability. Also about prejudices in the direction of addiction and personality changes in AD`s.
But you can also google alone.

Perhaps better is a field report, because most of the statements on the Net, regardless of whether for or against it, end with percentages, frequencies and that it can be different for everyone.
I have already written some things about it in the attached forum, so if you have already read it, please skim through the already known.

For three months I have been taking a NaSSA, Mirtazapine 15 mg before going to sleep.

To improve falling asleep and staying asleep and the depth of sleep (sleepless drivers are also a risk) and above all to reduce anxiety. This was preceded by an intensive conversation with the doctor, in which the necessity of taking it, everything for and against was discussed, immediately after discharge from the hospital. The hospitalization was necessary to clarify severe pain in the digestive tract and did not reveal any physical causes. My constant and relentless struggle in daily life and job against my fear had made me hospital-ready.

Before I took it for the first time, my doctor advised me of the expected effects and side effects (including the limited ability to drive in the first few days), since I was still sick at home anyway, so that didn't cause me any problems. I had studied the leaflet carefully and at that time I had enough time to google it.

I have never had suicidal thoughts, either before or after taking it. I fight for myself and my family and suicide would be cowardly giving up and stealing from responsibility for me.
Also, I am attached to life and love it despite all the limitations.

As an immediate effect, I was able to sleep deeply and soundly for a long time. Dreaming changed. It became more intense, more realistic, sometimes customizable and no more nightmares. An anxiety reduction set in after about 4 weeks.

Measurable by the fact that the fear-inducing situations to be expected no longer panic me so much in advance. In the situations themselves I am still afraid, but so far there has been no blockage. I avoid less than before, much to the delight of my wife, who enjoys being around people and sometimes had to go out alone. I did not notice any effects on the libido.

Side effects (besides the dream story) are dry mouth (a water bottle has to go to bed now) and a weight gain of 4 kg. Things that I have no problems with.

The sleep-promoting effect has waned somewhat. I was also informed about this and that an increase in the dosage may be necessary after a while.

The question of how long I will take the antidepressant is difficult to answer. I assume for myself that I have to take it as long as I am still very actively involved in the work process.

So now you know my experiences and my thoughts about my medication.

I am looking forward to your / yours.


Depression - get help

09/22/2018 Comment from Frank:

Unfortunately, I suffer from depression myself. Faxine XR 75 helps me in some cases. Unfortunately, the basis of this depression is not as easy to push aside as psychologists believe, unfortunately they do not understand the personal attitude to the reasons. It would now lead too far to discuss why and why, I can only advise everyone, try to get help, but don't just rely on the medication!

RE: Antidepressants: harmful, dangerous

10/20/2018 comment from Birgit:

I took Cipralex (to increase drive) and trimipramine drops (to fall asleep) for over two years. During this time my weight increased from 71 kg to almost 90 kg. Unfortunately, my crisis was too severe to react in time. Today, 7 years later and after various alternative treatments to get rid of the water that had accumulated in the body, I still haven't reached my starting weight. I will probably never get there again. In addition, I go swimming twice a week and exercise. Doctors have always denied a connection between the ADs and the immense weight gain, but there are completely different reports from those affected on the Internet. My opinion today: Stay away from ads and try alternative ways first. I would do it differently today. You don't wish anyone this experience.


Experience report

01/14/2016 Comment from Susanne:

Our daughter suffers from severe depression. She was prescribed fluoxetine. On the third day she was taken, she was feeling so bad that she was admitted to the closed psychiatric ward. In addition to strong thoughts of suicide, there was also extreme insomnia. The drug had to be discontinued.

03/15/2017 Comment from Renate:

I was given fluoxetine in the clinic for my depression and wanted to jump from the third floor of the building with suicidal intent. A suicide was absolutely necessary.

Fatigue among SSRi and SNRI

10/20/2018 comment from Birgit:

I have to say that I have a malignant brain tumor. For this reason, my observation cannot be generalized. In any case, on the advice of my supervising neurologist, but also on my own initiative, I took various psychotropic drugs, including SSRIs and SNRIs. In doing so, I always made the same and for me grueling observation: Instead of the “promised” mood-enhancing effect, a few moments after taking the medication I was always very tired and suffered from a significantly reduced “elasticity” of the whole body. These symptoms appeared even with the smallest doses, so that I repeatedly decided to stop the antidepressant treatment.

I would be interested to know whether I am alone with this problem or whether other patients have also experienced it in the same way. I would then like to ask what can best be done about it. Simply continuing the treatment and spending 2 weeks in bed may not be effective!

Experience with side effects

Tried a lot, lots of NW

09/03/2018 Comment from Quentchen:

I very much wish that any of the antidepressants I tried had helped. But unfortunately for months to years I almost only had side effects this way.

I tried citalopram, mirtazepine, paroxetine, pregabaldine, lithium and escitalopram in various increasing doses with side effects such as weight gain, even more fatigue and numbness, which I actually wanted to get rid of. With pregabaldin I even had severe coordination disorders. And with citalopram + paroxetine, suicidal thoughts, which I never had to deal with before or after, that really blew me away.

Only hypericin (900) had slight antidepressant effects without side effects, at least in winter, but in summer I was extremely excited and shaky, so in summer I was stopped again.

When I read through the studies, I realized that antidepressants are not a panacea, and only a relatively small percentage of patients benefit from them. So many that it is probably worth prescribing them, but many are just better off with the placebo and then there is still a large number left who do not benefit from it or even have to suffer from it.

And my current doctor is of course right when she says that drugs cannot stop symptoms that are still in my life or that are getting worse and worse. But once you are really sick and because of the poverty that comes with it, which is socially isolated and financially dependent in an uncomfortable way, then there is no way out of there any longer

I very much hope for the development of biosignatures with which one can then exclude certain antidepressants via blood tests and thus at least shorten these trial and error procedures. Then the clinics and practices can perhaps reorient themselves better and offer more substantial therapies and social support instead of switching from one drug to the next. That's damn exhausting and doesn't really make the situation any easier to bear, grAntidepressivae when a new doctor doubts everything / doesn't read the file and wants to try everything from the beginning.

Then you suddenly get into the situation that you are portrayed as refusing therapy and the doctor no longer takes you seriously. From then on, constructive discussions are often hardly possible and my despair is often so great at this point that the depression and exhaustion become unbearable.

In any case, the psychiatrist guild seems to me to be one of those doctors who still don't like to explain or read for themselves what I now see more and more frequently with other doctors. But when it comes to depression, the prejudices about clouding of consciousness or whatever is imputed to the patient, even among psychiatrists, seem so great that most of them hardly want to speak constructively.

A vicious circle.

Weight gain experience reports

Increased appetite

05/27/2018 Comment from Sysssy:

With almost all drugs for depression, I had an increased appetite and often a change in the things I like to eat. Some have affected my metabolism, which has also had an impact on weight. I am currently taking jatrosome (tranilcipromine) and often fail to give in to food cravings. I have 8 kilograms more than what I call my comfort or normal weight. I often crave things that I don't really like to eat without medication.

I cannot recommend antidepressants at all

I cannot recommend antidepressants at all. For me, this is all an invention of the pharmaceutical industry and so-called treating doctors to make a million dollar business with little sense or logic behind it.

I took a 3/4 year myself and was just experimenting with me. In the end, on the advice of my therapist, I stopped it, even though my psychiatrist had continued to prescribe it. And since then I've been doing pretty well again, I've never had bad thoughts or feelings since then.

In addition, I was able to slowly lose weight after stopping it, which helped my self-esteem enormously.

What is slowly making me healthy again at the moment is good psychotherapy with a good therapist. That helps a thousand times more than any wild drug that just makes you fat.

That is why I advise anyone who suffers from depression not to go to such “alibi” doctors who have no idea how to treat depression and cure a patient. They just want to calm you down and not really help you.

Then go to your health insurance company or a local therapist and tell them that it is very important to you to have therapy. Then you will usually get a therapy place within 1 or 2 months.

This can help you enormously, provided you can also talk about your feelings in therapy. Otherwise you might want to try medication after all.

Antidepressants are more like getting fuel back into the tank to be able to help yourself (e.g. by seeking help). However, it depends on the disease.

For example, someone who cannot get out of bed at all should consider drug treatment very much.

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Manuela said on 02/10/2021:
I took the medication and it made me suicidal. I was never suicidal before. I took it for a reason other than depression.

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