What is the ISO 10000 Suite

fuentis suite

fuentis Suite: Modular and integrated management system software

Overview of the modules

Fuentis AG is a specialized provider of software products and advice on everything to do with cyber and information security and to ensure proper IT operations. The fuentis Suite has the modules ISMS, BCM, DSMS, CMDB, DMS and ETL and supports standards and regulations such as ISO 27001, BSI Standards 100/200, KRITIS-V, EU-DSGVO, BAIT, TISAX.

With the fuentis Suite, the following modules can be used integratively as standard software:

  • fuentis ISMS (Information Security Management System),
  • fuentis BCM (Business Continuity Management / Emergency Management System),
  • fuentis DPM / DSMS (data protection management system),
  • fuentis CMDB (Configuration Management Database),
  • fuentis DMS (Document Management System) and
  • fuentis ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

fuentis ISMS

With the fuentis ISMS (Information Security Management System) the standards and regulations ISO 27001 / ISO 27002, ISO 27005, BSI Standards 100 and 200, KRITIS-V, VdS 10000, ISIS 12, NIST, TISAX, BAIT, VAIT, KAIT, IEC 80001 are implemented. Fuentis ISMS is the optimal GSTOOL successor and the perfect solution for implementing BSIIT basic protection.

Functionalities of the fuentis ISMS module:

  • Management system for information security according to DINISO / IECISO 27001
  • IT basic protection according to BSI standard 100-1, 100-2, 100-3
  • Modernized basic IT protection according to BSI standard 200-1, 200-2, 200-3
  • Measures for basic, core and standard protection
  • Implementation of BSI standards B3S for KRITIS sectors
  • GSTOOL alternative
  • Implementation of various standards such as VdS 10000, ISIS 12, NIST, TISAX, BAIT, VAIT, KAIT
  • Combination of different catalogs (e.g. BSIIT-Grundschutz and ISO 2700x)
  • Integration with CMDB, IT emergency management (BCM) and data protection management

fuentis BCM

The fuentis BCM (Business Continuity Management) module can be used, among other things, for an emergency management system according to ISO 22301 and BSI standards 100-4 or 200-4 (in preparation). Here, among other things, the criticality of business processes can be determined, different damage scenarios recorded, a business impact analysis (BIA) carried out, emergency / recovery manuals managed and exercises and training organized.

Functionalities of the fuentis BCM module:

  • Implementation of the requirements from BSI Standard 100-4 / 200-4 and ISO 22301
  • Structured recording process for IT emergency planning
  • Integration with the fuentis modules CMDB and ISMS as well as connection of other systems
  • Creation of a BIA, an IT emergency and IT operations manual
  • Update of documents and server information
  • Representation of the responsibilities of the staff in the organization
  • Mapping of dependencies between processes, services and IT
  • Comprehensive task management and web module for structured maintenance

fuentis DPM

The fuentis DPM (data protection management system) module supports you in meeting the requirements of the EU GDPR on data protection. The module enables, among other things, the organization of data processing processes and the generation of reports on processing activities and order processing for the supervisory authorities.

Functionalities of the fuentis DPM module for data protection management:

  • Mapping of the data processing processes in the organization
  • Creation of a directory for the processing activities (process directories)
  • Documentation of the processing activities of data processors (order processing)
  • Include documentation requirements for Risk and Privacy Impact Assessment (RIA, PIA)
  • Risk assessment to determine suitable technical and organizational measures (TOM)
  • Carrying out a data protection impact assessment (DPIA)

fuentis CMDB

The fuentis CMDB (Configuration Management Database) can be used as a central data hub for conformity with ITIL. In contrast to other CMDB solutions, the fuentis CMDB base module not only includes all ITIL units of an organization, but also extends them to include all security-relevant data, information, activities, etc. so you can also, for example, protection needs, responsibilities, changes, data flows , Create and map relationships and much more in the attributes of the items.

Functionalities of the fuentis CMDB module:

  • Central data source and working basis for IT service management
  • IT-technical, object-technical, commercial, organizational, procedural, infrastructural, legal and security-critical information in one place - complete, up-to-date, standard-compliant and free of redundancies
  • Complete mapping of the IT infrastructure (ITIL)
  • Configurable items for IT administration and IT security
  • Graphical representation of the dependencies of the items
  • Identification of disruptive factors and causes (risk analysis)
  • Determination of effects (IT change management)

fuentis DMS

The fuentis DMS (Document Management System) module takes into account, among other things, the requirements for standardized document control. With the fuentis DMS, the life cycle of a document can be organized from creation to revision to archiving in accordance with ISO 9001.

Functionalities of the fuentis DMS module:

  • Standard-compliant document control for specification documents, accompanying documents, evidence documents, standards, etc.
  • Automatic notification of affected employees in the event of changes
  • Organize resubmission appointments
  • Task and escalation management
  • Provision of version changes (version comparison)
  • Automatic archiving and revisioning
  • Field and full text search
  • Quick views of the documents as PDF
  • Comprehensive user rights management
  • Documentation conforming to standards

fuentis ETL

The fuentis ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) module is used to connect third-party systems via configurable, web-based ETL interfaces

Can complex organizational structures be mapped?

With the fuentis unit administration it is possible to set up clients and sub-clients and to assign users to these users and to assign corresponding authorizations for these clients.

Each tenant can have its own LDAP connection. Each tenant can have its own rights manager.

Can custom requirements and measures be managed?

With the fuentis Catalog Manager, the user can create a variety of catalogs in addition to the standard catalogs from BSI or ISO. Users can compile and combine the following catalogs themselves:

  • building blocks
  • conditions
  • activities
  • Hazards / Risks
  • Weak points
  • Damage scenarios
  • Questionnaire for a protection requirement assessment