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Tokyo Ghoul

The bookworm Ken Kaneki meets the beautiful Liz and can hardly believe his luck when she goes out with him. What he doesn't suspect: Liz is an ogre, a so-called ghoula. And as such, she wants to eat Ken up. But by a happy coincidence, Liz is killed when she tries to eat him and thereby stopped. Ken survived her attack only through an emergency operation in which some organs of his attacker were implanted into him. The 18-year-old is now half a ghoul and has to get used to his new life, because from now on he has to eat human flesh too. Because ghouls cannot tolerate any other food. He vehemently refuses to eat people, but his hunger increases more and more and he cannot meet a person without imagining eating him up. Under famine, he meets employees of Cafe Antik. These are also all ghouls and help the starving boy. But it is not easy as a ghoul, because so-called CCG investigators, also called pigeons by the ghouls, search for the ghouls and kill them with special weapons. So you have to learn how to behave like a person and how to fight. However, the investigators are not just the only threat that comes to the 18-year-old.

genre: Horror, Action, Dark Fantasy, Drama, His, Splatter

Creator: Sui Ishida

was standing: 13.03.2021

Anime: (4 seasons of 12 episodes each, completed)
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DVD / Blu-ray (19-35€)

Kazè manga
(Tokyo Ghoul 14 volumes (6.95 €) completed, 4 novels (9.90 €), a sequel (Tokyo Ghoul: right) with previous 16 volumes (6.95 €) completed)

My Opinion:
I think both the anime and the manga are very good. It's exciting, the protagonist is going through a huge change. As for both his character and body. And the music is really awesome. I also find the German dubbing quite appropriate. Here, too, the anime is of high quality and is easy to watch.
It's also extremely brutal, however, that is not the main focus. Still, you have to get used to seeing blood and hearing bones crack. The story itself is very well worked out and sometimes turns out twists and turns that you would not have thought. This mainly happens in the manga. Because here they make a big difference between anime and manga. Up to a point, many things are relatively the same. I think by the end of the first season, but I'm not really sure now, it's relatively the same. But from the second onwards they differ. But it doesn't really bother me personally. Both works and versions are very good and extremely exciting. As for the characters, it is also very nice and not only Ken is going through a transformation.
However, I would recommend the manga again here, as it explains more, is more informative and a lot more shocking. For example, Ken takes a different path here than in the anime, although both paths are similar in some ways, but they are very different. It also reveals more things that I've been wondering about anime all along. And here, too, the manga is a lot further than the anime.
I can also recommend the novel, they tell more everyday stories about other characters. Be it how she behaves a ghoul in everyday life, is looking for a job or whether the CCG investigators are on the hunt.

All in all, both works, manga and anime, are recommended.
Also recommended by GlpFan2612 ❤

I am always open to further questions.

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