Do dancers get their periods later

I find it pleasant that my menstrual periods are no longer there

When that started back then, I felt like my head exploded and my heart pucked hard, all at the same time. Over coffee with a couple of women, I really thought my heart would pop out. I didn't know what was going to happen. I think before you understood what it was, it was over again. Sometimes it all only takes a few seconds and then it's gone again. It is more common at night.

Sometimes I found it uncomfortable when I had to serve a customer in the summer. But you don't actually smell it. When I'm sweating because I'm physically active, it smells different than when I'm in a heat wave. I guess I can't change it. I have to deal with it, even if the heat waves come every quarter of an hour.

At first I found the hot flashes terrible. You can't explain that at all. Suddenly, after 20 minutes, you get the next one. It's like having a labor, like having a baby. Over the years, the intervals became shorter and shorter. When you can't sleep at night, when you get these sweats, that's very uncomfortable.

The doctor said they weren't. Then I turned 40 and I was supposed to take hormone patches. Suddenly it was them, before it was nothing. I then took hormone patches. I had absolutely no appetite. That's why I stopped using it after four weeks because I was already so thin.

I think I got my periods very irregularly for four or five years. Whenever I thought it was finally over, at that moment I got another heat wave. I haven't had my menstrual cycle in three years now. But I still have these heat waves. Sometimes they come at longer intervals, sometimes at shorter intervals. But I no longer get it every quarter of an hour, as it was in the first few years.