How should I service my bike?

Bicycle inspection - bicycle checklist - 30 points

A bike should be checked regularly for wear and tear. In order for this to work in a structured manner, one should take a bicycle checklist and work through it point by point. The bike should be checked before the start of the season or every longer bike tour. Similar to a car, some components require more attention and should be examined carefully during a bicycle inspection.

With our 30 point bike checklist we give an overview for a structured control on the bike. The checklist gives you the opportunity to check whether you should go to a specialist workshop. Smaller things can be done by yourself with a little manual skill and the right bicycle tools. Mending broken bicycle tires or lubricating the chain are part of the basics.

Bicycle inspection - print out the bicycle checklist

Print out this bicycle inspection checklist, take it with you to your workshop or on your bicycle and go through all 30 points step by step. Simply check off the completed items on the list and you will quickly find out whether you can do the bike inspection yourself. With an e-bike, it can make perfect sense to go to a specialist workshop for a routine inspection. Not only can the normal components be checked here, the electronics can also be measured and the battery checked. If you don't know how to get your bike to a dealer, you can take a look at the bike racks.

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Repair book

The right tool for repairs

The PDF is free and can be linked, please refrain from loading the document onto your own web server. Please refer to this page, this is the only way to ensure that you always get the latest version. If you don't have one, you should also familiarize yourself with the topic of bicycle torque wrenches.


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