How should I start a programming life


I just started studying, please Haihan

Post A is for learning tracking, Post B is mainly for diseases that are difficult to treat

Required software

  • JDK1.8 (There are many online tutorials on how to configure it and I won't explain it.)
  • Git
  • Maven plugin


1. Create a project


At this point the project is created and anyone can happily start entering code


2. Configure run

How do we start the project? Next, let all the configurations run

Click below the menu bar

This is just the first step. We also need to find pom.xml in the left explorer to configure the Jetty plugin

The bridge plug-in is in the Maven hyperlink above. Here I can paste or copy the code directly for the sake of simplicity

After configuration, click under the menu barThe green triangle can run


3. View the results

The above interface shows that the configuration was successful and congratulations! Entered the door of Java Web.


Open IDEA to see the running window below, where you can check your own port number and project name

These two are the port number and the project name



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