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If you want to travel to the archipelago of the Philippines, you need a visa under certain conditions. Depending on the purpose of entry and length of stay, the Filipino authorities require various forms of proof and documents. For this purpose, applicants from Germany must observe all formalities in order to receive a visa for entry to the Philippines. With our visa service you can plan your travel preparations without the stress of the authorities: we will apply for the right visa for you at the embassy of the Philippines and will clarify all the formalities. As an experienced service provider for arranging visa documents, we know the processes at the relevant embassy and take into account the different processing times. When submitting your application, our visa service observes all entry regulations that are relevant for your visa Philippines. Leave your complete visa application to us and you will receive your Philippines visa on time.

In the following paragraphs you will find more information about visas and useful travel tips for your stay in the Philippines.

A flight from Germany to the Philippines takes around 18-21 hours and most airlines have 1 or 2 stopovers. Depending on the departure airport, individual airlines in Germany also offer shorter connections, so that you can reach the island group of the Philippines after just 15 hours.

Most visitors enter Manila on their visas, as the capital's airport is the largest commercial airport in the Philippines. Due to the increased volume of flights, this airport now has 3 terminals (since August 2014). In one of these terminals, the Filipino officials will check your identity documents (passport, Philippines visa). When entering the country, you should register all goods that are worth declaring in order to avoid any problems when leaving the country. For up-to-date information on customs regulations, visit the embassy website (from the Philippines); There are also further information on visas and information on entry regulations.

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With over 12 million inhabitants, the capital Manila is the largest city in this Southeast Asian island kingdom. Many business people and tourists will come to this metropolis first with their visa before visiting other places in the Philippines.

One of the most famous sights in Manila is the Intramuros, a fortification from the Spanish colonial era (16th century). On this spacious complex you will find some historical buildings, such as the magnificent Cathedral of Manila and the Governor's Palace. Visitors from Germany can take a break in the green spaces or relax in the neighboring Rizal Park. The many museums of Manila are also worth seeing and the National Museum shows a colorful mix of archeology, art, botany, geology and anthropology. Use your visa and visit the cultural highlights in the capital of the Philippines.

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The island kingdom of the Philippines offers numerous options for beach holidays that you can visit with your visa. The most popular bathing beaches include the shores of the Visayas, a group of islands southeast of Manila. The beaches of Boracay Island in particular are very popular with beach holidaymakers, while Bohol Island is visited by nature holidaymakers because of the huge limestone hills. And the island of Sicogon is particularly suitable for diving. The archipelago of the Philippines is ideally suited for beach holidays and bathers can enjoy their stay to the fullest with a visa.

Notes on the Philippines visa
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Before entering the Philippines, there are a few things you should consider in order to make your visa stay as pleasant as possible. These include, above all, the entry regulations: the Filipino officials are particularly strict about compliance with the length of stay. Anyone who independently extends their stay in the Philippines and does not observe the time limit on the visa issued must expect very high fines. For a longer stay, we recommend not only the standard vaccinations but also the extended vaccination protection (hepatitis, typhus), which you should do before entering the country.

In emergencies, travelers from Germany can visit the responsible embassy in Manila. If you lose your ID, you will receive a replacement (passport, Philippines visa). The German embassy can be found in the Makati district, the capital's economic center. The embassy offices are located in a modern office complex (address: 25 / F Tower 2, RCBC Plaza). The embassy of Canada, Australia and South Africa also resides in the same place.

If you have any questions about the visa, you can contact our friendly visa service. We will provide you with the right information and apply for the right visa documents for you. Order our service and you will receive your visa for the Philippines punctually before your arrival.