What are the best Magento extensions

The best Magento extensions - Part 1: Basic equipment

An immense strength of Magento is its huge community by web developers - who are among other things through a great abundance of extensions or modules, with which shop operators and developers can expand the powerful shop system and make it even more efficient.

Magento Connect, the official Magento module marketplace, is currently listing over 5900 Extensions. Here you are spoiled for choice, and especially when you are just getting started, it is not easy to separate the wheat from the chaff and find the really useful and necessary extensions.

We want to help. In our five years of experience as a Magento developer, a handful of modules have emerged that any shop can really use. The list does not claim to be exhaustive, but rather a guide to some important, useful and well-made extensions.

We look forward to your feedback and tips! Which extensions would you consider to be part of the "basic equipment" of a Magento shop?

1) Trimming Magento for the German market (and other countries) - FireGento_MageSetup

"Magento is an American" - that is why a bare Magento shop is initially not completely prepared for the high (legal) demands of the German market. Various extensions (Market ready Germany, Magento Deutsch) vie for the developers' favor, but for us the best is MageSetup by the FireGento team.

Essentially, MageSetup ensures that the respective Magento shop is adapted to the legal framework in Germany.

Some of the main features:

  • Automatic configuration of the value added tax-Award - for Germany as well as for worldwide delivery based on the EU domestic / foreign regulations.
  • tax- and Shipping-Information or links are included in all prices
  • The setup automatically creates several CMS pages if required: Imprint, Conditions, revocation, Shipping Information. All that remains is to fill them in with the final text.
  • Conditions and revocation are created as order conditions and linked with checkboxes in the checkout.
  • The Order page is rebuilt so that it meets the requirements of the "Button solution"Corresponds
  • All necessary Transactional emails are created in German

The module also supports other countries or languages, such as England, Austria, Switzerland and France. A list of all features can be found here.

MageSetup does a lot better than its predecessor GermanSetup and Market Ready Germany:

  • It is a matter of a single module, and not a collection of many modules that are installed automatically
  • It will no core- Files or classes overwritten
  • System elements such as. CMS pages are only created or overwritten upon request and upon request
  • The module works reliably
  • The installation can be done via modman or composer be automated.

Module website: firegento.com/modules/magesetup/
GitHub: firegento.com/modules/magesetup/

2) German language package - German_LocalePack_de_DE

No question about it - a German shop doesn't work without the German language. This is installed as a language pack in Magento.

It can be downloaded from Magento Connect: bit.ly/sprachpaket-de-magento-connect

Or you can get it directly from GitHub: github.com/riconeitzel/German_LocalePack_de_DE

3) jQuery JavaScript library - MageJquery

Without a doubt counts jQuery among the most popular now Javascript Libraries and is therefore also used in many Magento shops, especially to expand the front end with useful and beautiful functions such as sliders, lightboxes, Ajax calls and much more.

In order not to have to manually install and integrate the library with the required files, there is the extension MageJquerywhich does this quickly and reliably:

  1. by modman to install
  2. the desired jQuery version and repository in the backend configure
  3. jQuery will automatically downloaded, installed and integrated in the template

The advantage of MageJquery over other similar modules is that the extension always uses the jQuery package To update can: Simply configure the desired version, save, done.

MageJquery at Magento Connect: www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/magejquery.html
MageJquery directly from interSales: www.intersales.de/shop/magento-magejquery.html

4) Shipping cost calculation - The ultimate extension MatrixRate

Magento is at the rule-based shipping cost calculation Furnished a bit thin from the start - in addition to the option of depositing a flat rate and defining free shipping promotions, there are only table rates. However, these "table-based shipping costs" only offer the option of storing rules according to destination country and weight.

The free extension jumps into this breach MatrixRates by WebShopApps. It expands the table rates to include the option of adding Zip code patterns including area specifications to work, and next to the Weight even after the Order amount as Order quantity to differentiate. Several Shipping options can be offered simultaneously, e.g. "Normal" and "Express shipping".

The module can be configured under System> Configuration> Shipping methods. There the rules are imported as a CSV file. Another bonus: The WebShopApps modules are perfectly documented.

If you want, you can purchase even more powerful, sometimes very specialized, shipping modules from WebShopApps.

MatrixRate: www.webshopapps.com/eu/free/matrixrate-shipping-extension.html

5) Shipping costs in the shopping cart - PRWD_Autoshipping

Magento can only display shipping costs in the checkout - after the delivery address has been selected. It is much nicer to the customer to show the shipping costs in the shopping cart, even if - for logical reasons - this is only possible with restrictions.

PRWD_Autoshipping helps here. Once installed, the default country must first be specified in the configuration for which the shipping costs are to be set automatically. You can then prioritize your various shipping methods. The module then determines the currently most suitable shipping cost rule in the order of priorities and calculates it accordingly.

For example, the rule "free shipping" could have weight 1 and standard shipping weight 2. PRWD_Autoshipping would then first check whether free shipping applies. If not, the next shipping method is checked, and so on.

PRWD_Autoshipping at Magento Connect: www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/prwd-auto-shipping.html
On GitHub: github.com/mystix/PRWD_Autoshipping

6) Cash on delivery payment method - Phoenix_CashOnDelivery

Even if it is no longer hip - many shops still offer it, the payment method Cash on delivery. The Phoenix_CashOnDelivery module helps Magento shops to use this method of payment.

The configuration allows the definition of the Last name fee, which is automatically added to the order total.

Phoenix_CashOnDelivery at Magento Connect: www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/cashondelivery.html
At GitHub: github.com/PHOENIX-MEDIA/Magento-CashOnDelivery

7) Payment method direct debit - DebitPayment

Good old one too Direct debit is still enjoying a certain popularity - with shop owners as well as with customers. Mage_Debit equips the payment method Direct debit and provides quite a bit of functionality:

  • it will be the old format as well as the new one SEPAFormat supported
  • the Bank name can automatically based on the bank code / BIC determined become
  • the customer's bank details can be saved in encrypted form and loaded automatically during the next order process
  • the bank data can be exported as a CSV or DTAUS file for further processing

DebitPayment at Magento Connect: www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/debitpayment.html
DebitPayment at GitHub: github.com/therouv/Magento-DebitPayment

8) Create beautiful PDF invoices - FireGento_PDF

Anyone who, as an online retailer and Magento shop operator, does without an inventory management system and consequently creates invoices from the Magento backend, will sooner or later be happy about every possibility Appearance of the PDF invoices adapt.

Magento doesn't have much leeway here, essentially the whole thing is limited to which sender address is displayed and which logo.

FireGento_PDF extends the configuration options and provides a clear overall nicer appearance. The features:

  • The following values ​​can be output in the upper part of the PDF: Invoice / delivery note / credit note number, order number, customer number, customer IP, invoice date, payment method, shipping method
  • values ​​from the Magento configuration can be output, e.g. a note text
  • the order of columns in the invoice can be adjusted
  • If the FireGento German setup module is installed, a footer with the imprint information can be displayed
  • the engines for PDF creation can be exchanged via config.xml

FireGento_PDF at Magento Connect: Firegento PDF
At GitHub: github.com/firegento/firegento-pdf

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