What are the uses of computer glasses

Computer Glasses - What Are The Benefits?

Computer glasses, also called monitor workstation glasses, are glasses that are specially designed for working in front of a computer or monitor. It contains glasses for the so-called extended close range: unlike "normal" reading glasses or varifocals for private use, the lenses of computer glasses are ground in at a distance of about 60 to 80 centimeters between the eyes and the monitor.

Who needs computer glasses?

People who work a lot at the computer or sit in front of a monitor, especially for their job, can benefit from computer glasses. These include besides Programmers and Editors also have many other professionals, because computer monitors have found their way into almost all offices these days.

Long-term screen work can, however, damage the eyes, so that at some point glasses will be necessary. If you cannot see clearly at work with the privately used correction aid, such as normal reading glasses or varifocals, or if you do complaints In the form of headaches, neck pain, back pain, or visual disturbances, computer glasses should be considered.

What is special about computer glasses?

Computer glasses are especially for working on the screen adjusted, for example to the distance between the eyes and the monitor, which is around 60 to 80 centimeters with a normal head and body posture. In the case of standard reading glasses or varifocals, on the other hand, the lenses are ground in at a distance of around 30 to 45 centimeters from the object, for example from a book or newspaper.

Computer glasses often also have so-called super anti-reflective glasses, as several light sources such as halogen spotlights on the ceiling, the desk lamp or the monitor itself are often perceived as annoying and impair vision.

Computer glasses also have a widened middle field of vision on. This helps to see well even when you frequently change your gaze between the monitor and keyboard, without twisting your head or adopting an unhealthy posture.

Who will pay for computer glasses?

In some cases, the employer the cost of computer glasses. However, this person can request an ophthalmological report from the employee on the suitability for working on display devices, which assesses whether display workstation glasses must be worn. There are different ones for this legal regulations.

Possible criteria for the Assumption of costs The employer ensures that the work on the screen is carried out daily, that a computer or display device is required to carry out the work and that no other work equipment is available that requires special knowledge and skills to carry out the work with the computer and that working on the screen device requires a high level of attention and concentration, as errors could lead to significant consequences.

additional Information

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